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Traditional trading has passed to a new phase as it enters the world of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Blockchain are challenging the global economic order and creating a possibility of political and economic change.

Many of us want to be part of that new movement doing cryptocurrency trading and taking advantage of the significant volatility that these markets have. Still, for this, we must learn and gather all the information and knowledge possible.

Whether you are an economist, investor, programmer, or just someone curious about your surroundings, we have prepared a list of the best books regarding the subject to help you understand and deepen them. Also, if you want to know more about the subject, will help you with that.

1. Getting Started with Crypto Trading

Probably the best book that currently exists on cryptocurrency trading.

Short and at the same time intense, this book will save you a lot of time in learning, and time is money. It covers all the basics of buying and selling, as well as some advanced themes, so it is perfect for beginners and beginners.

It will teach you to buy, store, read graphics, and interpret market data, identify market patterns, and take advantage of high volatility.

2. Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing


If you’re new to Bitcoin, Blockchain, you don’t have any technical knowledge or business experience in cryptocurrencies – this book is for you. It is the ideal guide for beginners to learn to buy, exchange, and invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins, and ICOs.

It teaches you everything in a comfortable, logical, and step by step way. Of course, for now, it is only in English.

3. Cryptoassets

This book takes us not into the history or technical part of Bitcoin, but Cryptoassets is a clear and concise guide that shows us how to invest in these emerging assets to secure your financial future.

It provides us with the following: a framework to investigate crypto assets, portfolio management techniques, a historical context and tips for navigating bubbles and inevitable manias, practical guides for exchanges, wallets and ICOs, and predictions on how Blockchain technology can affect the average investor.

4. Trading in the Zone

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It is one of the essential books for any trader. Although ‘Trading in the area’ does not address the issue of cryptocurrencies (since it was written much earlier), it does provide the mental and emotional knowledge that any operator needs to succeed.

This trader, business advisor, and consultant addresses five specific issues to provide stock traders with the necessary information and understanding to be consistent winners in the market.

5. The Fabulous World of Money and the Stock Market

This book was written a long time ago but is also essential. The deceased and brilliant Kostolany offers us a review of the world of the stock market and speculation, making us see that history repeats itself, that movements are cyclical, as are also the mistakes that many of those who think they consider themselves experts.

That is very important for anyone who wants to invest in the stock market or any other financial asset such as cryptocurrencies. Also, it can be valuable to those who would like to know the history of the evolution of the business world in the last 200 years.

6. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

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It is the complete reference in trading chart patterns available. It goes where no one had gone before, and Bulkowski gives us detailed data on how good and evil the bosses are when it comes to trading.

A must-read for anyone who has ever seen a graphic and wondered what was happening will help us to have much brighter this essential aspect of trading.

7. The Book Of Satoshi

The creator of the Bitcoin system Satoshi Nakamoto is a somewhat enigmatic person. Instead, so far, the public does not know if it is a person or a group of people.

The book includes Satoshi’s emails and forum posts, analysis of the influence of cryptocurrency in the economy, and the well-known white paper. Although all the material in the book is available online, it is more convenient to read it in chronological order with comments from the author.

The book will interest readers who have some idea what Bitcoin is and wish to learn more about it. Above all, it is not necessary to have a technical background to understand the author: there is not much professional terminology in the text.

8. Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money

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This book was nominated for the “The Book of the Year” award by the Financial Times and McKinsey Business, as it describes the history of the cryptocurrency market and the real situation in a very vivid way. The technical and financial details are explained very accessibly.

The author of the book is the journalist of the column on technologies and business of the New York Times, which is in good contact with the leading players in the cryptocurrency market.

The history of Bitcoin is explained in the brilliant portraits of the most influential people in the market history, such as the Winklevoss twins (founders of Winkdex), Ross Ulbricht (creator of the Silk Road darknet platform) and many others. The writer says that the people who created the cryptocurrency industry in 2009 were idealists, who dreamed of inventing a new and independent global currency. Only with the appearance of the people of Silicon Valley the cryptocurrency market began to grow. And with the price of Bitcoin, hysteria intensified in the press.

9. Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World (How bitcoin technology changes money, business, and our world)

Today this book on blockchain technology is the most popular. It is written by the bestselling author, “Wikinomics,” “The digital economy” Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, director and founder of Northwest Passage Ventures. Already a year is still the bestseller N1 on the Amazon page in the online trading category. This work is the main introduction of blockchain technology.

The authors explain the idea of ​​the system. They try to estimate the impact of the growth of the cryptocurrency market on our society. That is how the Blockchain can change the economy, health, legal regulation, and payment system in the future, as well as an account of the principles of technology, new business models in the digital financial market, consequences on culture and public institutions.

10. Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money are Challenging the Global Economic Order

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That is also an introduction to the world of the Blockchain cryptocurrency and technology market. Some time ago, it was the first compilation of blockchain studies. Even the New York Times has named the book as a perfect guide to a “new and divine world” of revolutionary technologies.

The authors try to imagine a world without banks, credit cards, even without the national currency.

The new, democratic possibilities of a decentralized digital currency stand out. Written by two Wall Street Journal journalists, the book has multidisciplinary access. It inspires, the fantastic opportunities of Blockchain technology will capture even the most traditional. While some admire it, the daring to read the book will deal with investments in ICO.

11. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

The author is an official IBM representative of the leading Ethereum developer team. Although it is a self-publication, it is worth mentioning.

The Blockchain industry is growing so fast that our classic initials cannot follow all the news.

The Ethereum system began operating at the end of 2015, and until today there is no reliable publication on the subject. The book offers the author’s opinion on the advantages and limits of the projects in the system. The index looks more like the FAQ list, there is no water, just the facts, which helps the reader navigate the complicated world of cryptocurrency.


In this industry, we can affirm without fear of being mistaken that knowledge is power and money.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-technologies are still very recent. Yet, they have shown much potential to change the great and ancient economic and political structures of the world in which we live.

Their social implications are so profound that the knowledge these books will bring you has the possibility of changing your life for the better by being able to understand and anticipate the coming changes.

Happy reading!