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Considering how technologically advanced, most people think they know everything as the information is easily accessible. But, we’re sure you haven’t heard about these 5 weird online gambling facts that most people don’t know. Online casinos, or how they call them in Finland, nettikasinot, are rather popular across the globe. It might sound strange to you that we mentioned Finland, as the first association in this country is Nokia and Santa Claus and his reindeer’s.

But, online gambling is rather popular in this country, and as you’ll see below, it has a quite gambling history. Considering that this Scandinavian country is one of the world’s most internet-savvy, you’ll be surprised that they’ve legalized online gambling back in 1996. Yes, you heard it well, almost a quarter of a century ago. But, enough about Finland, as they’ll have a section below. Let’s start with some weird online gambling facts.

1. Devil’s Game Gives You Best Chances of Winning

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No, we are not talking bout wagering your soul on a bet. It’s less frightening than that. All of you heard about roulette. But, have you heard that it’s also called the Devil’s game? No? Well, it’s true. The reason it’s called like that is that when you sum all the numbers on the circle, you’ll get number 666. This number is known as the number of the beast, hence the nickname – Devil’s game. But, you should know that roulette is, in its essence, an honest game. It gives you the best chances of winning. Playing on red or black puts the odds almost to 50/50. The only reason house has the advantage is because of the 0. Next time you gamble online, have this in mind when selecting a game that you’ll play.

2. Men Gamble More Than Women

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You could tell this on your own, as the stereotype is that men are regarded as those who waste their time and money on gambling. But, here’s the information in numbers. Almost 11% of all people on the Internet are using it to gamble. The number of those who are men enjoying a bet or two among that 11% is more than 80%. This is quite a number, and ladies indeed are left behind in online gambling. Women being as they are, won’t lose as easily, and the number of female gamblers grows every day.

Most gamblers on the Internet are older than thirty, while the number of those addicted is more significant in the younger population. Apparently, it has something to do with the impulsivity of younger players. Men are also almost eight times more likely to get addicted than women.

3. Short History of Slots

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Slots are one of the most popular games in online casinos. But, they weren’t always as popular, nor were they what they’re today. In the past, slot machines had a different application. They were used as a dispenser of chewing gums. These gums could later be traded for money. This is the primary reason slot machines use fruit symbols to this day – at least some of them, the number of symbols increased from the past times. Today, casino owners have huge revenues from slot machines.

According to the data we have available, almost 70% of the online casino’s profits come from these devices. While the game is based on an algorithm, and partially on your luck, the casino will always win much more than players. What’s even weirder, the machines that bring in most revenue are called penny slots due to the small amount needed for gambling. But, quantity brings quality in this case. Among all slot players in the world, almost 90% of them do it online. How’s that for a fact?

4. You Can’t Win Without Playing

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Playing games in an online casino can be a lot of fun, but you need to bet responsibly. You can lose a lot on a whim. But, you can also win if you play smart and have enough luck. One of the ways to earn massive amounts of money is to play progressive jackpot. In this game, with every beat, the jackpot increases. This way is how an ex-British Soldier managed to win 13.2 million pounds on 25 pounds bet.

Quite a win, but wait till you hear about Finish man, who in his mid-forties managed to win 17,861,813 euros. Whats fun and weird about this one? He did it by betting only 25 cents. Talk about a massive win on a tiny investment. This win is a strike of luck at its best. Considering that the man who won it is from Finland, no wonder online casinos thrive in this country.

5. Be Scared Of You Have Dead Man’s Hand

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Poker at online casinos is rather popular. In fact, it’s no different than playing in an actual casino. It’s even better considering you don’t have to have a poker face to win. If you are hoping for an easy win, with a hand such as Royal Flush, don’t hold your breath. The chances of having this hand are 649,740:1. You won’t get it.

During a game, it’s not all about a hand you have, but how you play a game that requires patience and focus. The one hand you might get during a game more comfortable than Royal Flush is a pair of aces and a pair of eights. But, you don’t want this pair, as it’s called Dead man’s hand. The reason is that Wild Bill Hickok, a gunfighter and a gambler, was killed during a poker game and was having this hand. Most players are superstitious because of the events like this one.


As you can see, there’s a lot of things you didn’t know about online casinos. We can only hope that you enjoyed reading these facts that we gather from the Internet. If you want to be mentioned in an article like this one, you need to make a splash at an online casino. Not the one Bill Hickok did, but something closer to a jackpot worth millions on a quarter euro bet.