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As a law-abiding citizen, you can probably name a few laws that you have to follow every day. We know this because we were taught when we were younger; for example, we know that it is illegal to go into someone’s house and take their things without permission; this is burglary. We also know that hurting other people is against the law, whether that be attempted assault or something a bit more serious. One of the most commonly known laws is a murder; we all know we cannot kill. Anyone on the road has been through the tests, which would suggest they know basic road laws, and some even know a little more due to extra tests or their work. While there are all these universal laws, there are a whole bunch of laws behind the scenes that not many people know, and there are funny ones and rather unusual ones.

Therefore, here we take a look at seven unusual legal facts you’ve never heard of.

1. Don’t Fall Asleep

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Some laws sweep the entire country, but also some laws only apply when you’re in a certain state. That is why this makes for some fantastic reading and would get quite the laugh at a comedy show if they were read out instead of well written, thought out jokes.

In Illinois, it is illegal to fall asleep in a cheese shop! So I guess the best thing to do is never go to a cheese shop if you’re feeling tired, you don’t want to be breaking the law and getting some jail time for feeling sleepy! If you do find yourself in a situation where you’ve broken the law, and somebody decides to press charges when you have absolutely no idea about it, then you’re probably best getting some local help.

Hiring a lawyer with extensive knowledge of state law is the best chance you have of getting off your sleeping charge! The professionals at Goostree Law Group state that no matter the situation, all cases should be treated with the same respect. No one situation is the same, so it shouldn’t be dealt with in the same manner as anything else, especially when it comes to local state law. If you can find someone that knows the ins and outs of your case, you’re far more likely to come out victorious.

2. Tailgating

As a well known American tradition, tailgating goes hand in hand with football games. Trucks pull up, beers are handed out, and the BBQ is lit. This is the start of any great party if you ask me, and I know that many Americans will support me in saying so. These parties can go on for hours and hours, and often start at least 6 hours before any football kicks off, what a way to get the crowd going for the game! However, In Delaware, there is a town called Fenwick Island. Apart from the fact that the name is somewhat misleading as it isn’t an island at all, they also have a rather strange law regarding tailgating or picnicking around your car. It is illegal from midnight to 6 am! If you find yourself in this town, don’t make the mistake of letting your truck BBQ go on too long, or you might find yourself in some trouble!

3. Butter

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Ever since we discovered we could milk a cow, churn the milk and turn it into butter, we have been obsessed. We fry things in it, we put it on cooked food, it goes into cakes, it’s a perfect match with toast, what’s a sandwich without butter? The list can go on forever, it’s a wonderfully versatile thing that is rather delicious.

In the state of Iowa, they take their butter rather seriously and have set a law in place to ensure that its purity remains forever. If you create an imitation butter, then there is absolutely no way you’re allowed to put the word “butter” on it, not only that, but you also can’t describe it as “creamy” or “dairy” and forget about putting any pictures of cows on there! You must label it oleomargarine, and if not, you’re breaking the law. Don’t mess with our butter!

4.  Honk Your Horn

When we drive, we often honk our horns at our friends or colleagues, and sometimes we even use it for its actual purpose, warning someone that we are coming. Mainly the horn is used when someone crosses or angry with another road user, and they let them know by giving them a good beep of the horn. There, that will teach them! In Arkansas, they have taken their honking laws to a new level. After 9 pm, if you honk your horn outside of a sandwich shop, then, oh boy, are you in trouble! You’ve just broken the law! Logically, it’s going to be pretty hard to police that law, but you know the deal, the one time you try your luck, there will be a policeman walking out the sandwich shop with his dinner in hand and cuffs for you in another.

5. Whisper

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There is a large community of people right the way across America that are churchgoing Christians, many live their life wholly devoted to God, so spend a fair bit of time praying and visiting the church. Every Sunday is mass, and the entire local community turns up to pray and listen to their preacher talk. In Delaware, they take it a little more seriously than other states as they have passed a law which states you cannot whisper in church! It doesn’t matter if you’re spreading the word of God, if you’re whispering, then it’s time to go. I’m sure many places don’t enforce this law correctly, and it would take a seriously miffed priest to call the cops, but it’s not worth being tempted by the devil!

6- No Knife, No Fork

Fried chicken. Name two words that go together better than those, I’ll wait. I know there isn’t a better combination. Fried chicken has become such a staple in America with thousands of ways of doing it. There are often battles among states over who has the best-fried chicken and came up with it first. All I know is when I travel to America, I get to try so many different styles that I think I’m in heaven. In Georgia, though, they have passed a law that every single state should pass because there is only one way to eat and enjoy fried chicken truly. It is forbidden to eat it with a knife and fork! Who wants to eat fried chicken with a knife and fork anyway? This is another law that’s pretty hard to enforce, but there was an incident in 2009 that found a visitor of Georgia arrested for doing exactly that.

7. Watch Your Profanity

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Something we all are guilty of is being a little potty-mouthed now, and then, there’s nothing wrong with it as it’s just an expression of how you are feeling. However, there are often other ways of getting our point across without being so naughty! If you swear in Maryland while in public and within the earshot of someone else, you’re in big trouble! It’s against the law! You aren’t going to be sent to jail for this one, but you’ll find yourself with a hefty $100 fine if you’re caught. I know some people that would be $1000 down within one sentence. It’s best to be on your best behavior while in Maryland.

There are a million and one random little laws that are dotted all over the United States of America, which is why it’s such a special country. It’s quirky and strange, and I love it. The world would be so dull if we were all the same, and conformed to the same ideologies so when I find out something like you can’t eat fried chicken with a knife and fork in Georgia, all I want to do is find someone breaking that law and have a laugh to myself. You’ll have hours of fun looking up strange laws!