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Our homes are our sanctuaries and it is no surprise that we spend at least 60% of our lives in them. As the old idiom goes, ‘the home is where the heart is,’ and for most this stands true to life. Our homes are where we kindle memories that will last a lifetime, our homes are where our children grow up and learn about the world; the home is where the family grows and strengthens like a unit, spending their time together, and learning about one another.

Our homes need to be protected, not only for our family, but because it is sacred ground, and it is where our children, wives, and pets rest at night. You should never skimp on installing security around your house for safety purposes. Fences can be largely inexpensive and can be a great addition to your home, for both security purposes, and aesthetically, and it has been proven that homes with gates or walls around them are likely to sell for more than those without. Having a gate around your home gives it the image of being your own personal castle, and every man needs a castle.

If you can afford to install a gate around your house then you should waste no longer and arrange for an independent contractor or a firm, like Sidepost, to come and give you a quote today. Here are some of the reasons why you should go out of your way to go and get that quote and have one installed today.

They Can Be Really Pretty

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Probably the first thing everybody notices when they see a beautiful wrought iron design is how nice it looks. Wrought iron fences, or gates in general, evoke a primitive attraction in man to seal off his property and define where his territory ends and where the next man’s begins. It is perhaps for this reason that they are so aesthetically pleasing. It is pleasant to look at things of this nature because of the innate emotions they evoke in us. Not only that, but they can just be downright cute. Find a local fence company for your fencing needs.

A white picket fence is the archetypal suburban feature and is quite truthfully very pretty and nice to look at it. Depending on your type of home and how your home looks, you can arrange to have a wall or gate installed specified to the aforementioned features.

There are hundreds of potential options to choose from, each of them coming with their own quirks. It is these quirks, after all, that appeal to us – for this reason, you should design your perimeter with this in mind and can get some great ideas courtesy of the professionals of, and other similar organizations. You should always employ tradespeople of the highest standard to install your gate for you, as unprofessional and cowboy builders are known for erecting wonky walls and security perimeters  that blow in the wind and are poor quality constructs that will bring down the value of your home and can leave you very unsatisfied and upset with the result.

They Are Great for Security

Fences are the archetypical method of security, similar to walls. When trying to keep people out, similar to the primordial comparison of the last paragraph, man erects a gate, and said gate will deter potential intruders from encroaching on your territory. Security measures of this nature can be a great theft and burglary deterrent, depending on the one you choose to erect. If you choose one that is easily climbed, then, of course, it would not be a good option, but there are some great options you can erect to keep people out. Some fences may be easy to climb, rendering them less effective in providing security. However, with Viking Fence’s expertise in the industry, you can select from a variety of secure and well-designed options that can effectively keep unwanted individuals out.

Try an Electric Fence Out – They Can Be Cheap

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If you have a business, an electric fence can work quite well; wire-mesh electric gates are increasing in usage and can be used anywhere providing you put up plenty of signs to inform people of the electric current. Electric ones have great benefits, such as not having to pay for renovations you ordinarily would have to with barbed ones or more conventional wooden ones, as wire-mesh variations usually hold fast and are strong and durable, and only need an electric box applied to them to have the current running through the mesh wires.

An electric security system has also been proven to be most cost-effective than other measures, for example; an electric fence will cost up to 20% less than a barbed gate, to install, and it can give you the opportunity for your pets and animals to roam as free as they want on your property, without having to worry about them wandering into oncoming traffic and hurting themselves or hurting other people. It can be a big concern when you have a dog or animals and live beside the main road that your friend will find its way into traffic, but by erecting an electric one you can rest assured that your fluffy friend will remain safe within the confines of your home.

Electric fences are also much more subtle and discreet than more conventional options, and give you an unadulterated view in surrounding landscapes, thus in a sense, increasing the size of your property, aesthetically at least.

Big, huge, bulky fences, to some, can look very ugly and industrial – so an invisible electric fence can be a great way to keep your property safe and look like there is nothing there in the first place.

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Some housing associations and committee boards will not permit you to build walls and things of this nature around your property which is why an electric gate can be great because there are no such regulations in place for invisible electric security systems. These fences can be installed cost-effectively and will not raise eyebrows with your local owners or tenants committee, thus giving you the freedom to do whatever you want on your property and relax in knowing nobody can break-in.

The most important thing about your home or business is that you know it is safe, and thankfully with electric fences, we are given both security and the knowledge and satisfaction that our belongings and property are safe, all for a low cost. It can be difficult to find such assurances elsewhere, which is why you should consider an electric gate today!