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Owning a pool is quite possibly the best investment you could have that boosts the overall value of your property. But a swimming pool has to look the part, so regular maintenance sometimes isn’t enough when it comes to the overall appearance.

Sometimes, you need to add things around it that will create a lovely spot where you and your family & friends can chill on a nice hot summer day.

And, if you happened to be looking for an article that gives this information for free, then this is the place to be.

In this article, we are going to tell you the 6 ways you can enhance the appearance of your swimming area.

1. Add Some Lighting

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Lights make everything so much better because it offers something unique to every swimming pool.

When exploring this one, do know that you have a multitude of options to choose from. However, we don’t want to keep this article vague and we’ll specifically talk about the one we recommend the most.

If you haven’t heard about string lights, then boy are you missing out on the fun. String lights are nothing but lights attached on a string; who would have guessed.

They’re often referred to as fairy lights since they look enchanting and amazing in combination with your pool. The best thing about string lights is that you can use them anywhere you want.

They are waterproof and can be attached from the inside of the walls to give you an amazing ambient feel, or they can be attached on the outside. We suggest the former as it’s an excellent way to create a reflection inside the water when bathing at night.

2. Green For Bonus Appeal

Owning a pool is one thing, but creating an environment that will simulate a beach in the Bahamas is another. If there is anything that we could possibly do to create an exotic environment is to add lots of greenery on the sides.

When exploring this next one, your options are quite larger than the previous one. Can you even imagine the number of plants and trees that you can place on the sides for an added aesthetics bonus?

When using smaller trees and plants, the great thing about them is that you don’t have to worry about any leaves falling inside the water. When using bigger ones, you get a nice shade, but you will have to look after the pool more.

Also, it’s safe to know that larger plants and trees take significantly more time to grow, so you might have to invest more time with this one.

3. Create A Chill Area

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What good is a swimming pool if there is nowhere to chill afterward? A patio, a garden and even a bar area inside your pool are excellent ways to create an area where you can chill while not swimming.

Also, it will be the place everyone wants to be at, so you can expect frequent calls from your friends and family. But not only that, you’ll give your pool lots of character.

Also, you can tailor the chill area based on the shape of your pool. While this all might sound too much work, make sure to visit Compass Newcastle to see what your options are in terms of pool shapes.

Before we go any further, it’s safe to say that the sky is the limit when exploring this option. From a simple patio area with patio furniture to a gravel rock garden, your options are truly limitless.

4. Create Some Privacy

This next one is similar to the one where we talked about using greenery to your advantage, but this time you’ll be adding some privacy.

Owning a pool will certainly draw the attention of a few neighboring eyes. It can be quite unsettling having someone spy on you while you try to relax in your pool, but it’s also quite creepy. So, to eliminate this inconvenient problem, we suggest you plant a wall of greenery that will serve as a buffer between your privacy and the curiosity of your neighbors.

Not to mention that every bit of greenery adds more aesthetics to your pool by enhancing the overall appearance.

According to JVK & Sons, creating a pool deck can help you create some levels of privacy in the pool area. This can be an area where female members can lounge around in, and senior people can enjoy a nice sip of wine. It can also become a place where the parents can watch over their kids when they are playing in the pool.

5. Marble Sculptures

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If art is your thing then a quite unusual, but very bold, way to enhance the overall appearance of your pool is to get some sculptures and place them around the pool.

Sculptures are a great way to give your pool area a bit of flair and character. And you don’t even have to go to a large one. You can find some awesome little ones that will go along nicely towards your landscaping.

So, sculptures are not only great for your pool but they’re also excellent for landscaping, making them a very versatile way to enhance the value of your entire backyard.

6. Underwater LED

We also talked about lighting but we specifically left out this one because it deserves a point on its own.

Underwater LED lighting is not only a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your pool, but it’s also quite innovative, jazzy, and convenient.

No one wants to bathe in total darkness, and these LED lights will work perfectly to eliminate the entire floor of the pool. They also work in accordance with the string lights we mentioned earlier, giving your entire area the much-needed mesmerizing glow.

Also, they come in numerous colors, shapes, and can be used in literary any way you imagine. The best thing about them is the fact that they cost nothing! The technology behind it allows for efficient use and cost-effectiveness.

These are our 6 ways that you can enhance the overall appearance of your pool. These are all quite easy to pull off, some might cost you more, but they’re all quite budget-friendly. The added bonus is that the option of style is solely down to your choice based on your taste. You could go for a minimalistic approach, or you could spend a large budget into a more detailed one.