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Ear cuffs are a piece of jewelry that has survived for centuries and have remained one of the most important fashion details to this day. Throughout history, they used to express status and power – because valuable jewelry at that time was made of precious metals and stones only for kings, queens, pharaohs, and members of high society. Since ear cuffs have a long history and tradition, it also carries an interesting story. We will point you to 5 ways to style ear cuffs today.

History Of Ear Cuffs

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A few centuries ago, ear cuffs were a fashion accessory intended for men exclusively. The earliest archaeological finds of men wearing ear cuffs – were found in ancient Persia. They were also popular among ancient Greek warriors. Ear jewelry became a fashion accessory among courtiers and gentlemen at the end of the 16th century – that is, during the English Renaissance. Among sailors, wearing an ear cuff was a sign of prestige and power – and also a proof that a certain sailor sailed around the world. Jewelry and earrings may have been much more a symbol of prestige and power in the past – while today it is not so much represented thinking. Still, ear cuffs remain as something really special and something that has retained its meaning – but also meaning, when you wear them.

Today, this piece of jewelry is considered a so-called attitude piece. It presents you, your attitude – or the attitude towards certain phenomena. Ear cuffs have found a special place in modern times in the domain of so-called street fashion.

The Symbolism Of Wearing Ear Cuffs: Then And Now

It is interesting that in ancient Greece, shells and gold were used in the process of making such jewelry. However, the data show that they liked silver the most. On the other hand, the Egyptians worshiped gold, and most of their earrings were made of gold. They had a special reason for that because gold was a symbol of the sun for them at that time. Very often, in addition to gold, they also used glass beads. The Romans were a little different. We can say they were slightly more creative – and they used amber, diamond crystals, and emeralds to make this kind of jewelry. The Celts also liked to adorn themselves, especially women, who wore almost everything – from earrings to buttons, and men preferred large rings as a symbol of power and strength.

Even today, men wear earrings or ear cuffs – only today the symbolism is completely different. Thus, men’s earrings and ear cuffs are not a fabrication of modern society – but their existence is connected to ancient times.

Who Wears Ear Cuffs Today?

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Ear cuffs today can symbolize prestige and luxury, but they can also symbolize passion as well as elegance. When you wear them, you will say a lot  – and that is why you should choose them carefully when you buy them for yourself or someone dear. According to, when choosing cuff earrings, you need to know how to choose the perfect ones – and you need to know and style them. The basic rule is that you have to match them with the clothes, as well as with other pieces of jewelry – but also with the very character of the person who wears them. Even the big ones can look perfect and elegant if you know how to choose them and fit them well. Therefore, we draw your attention to 5 ways to style an ear cuff.

How To Choose Ear Cuffs And How To Style Them?

Since the fashion industry is one of the strongest in the world – the question of jewelry has a huge fashion significance. Today’s wardrobe cannot be imagined without a piece of jewelry – and earrings are one of the most important when it comes to it. How to choose and how to find a style and style ear cuffs? We will try to show you in several ways and show you what is best for you. It doesn’t matter if it is gold, silver, precious stones, or some other material. The style must suit you. These are some of the ways to match ear cuffs to your style.

1. Cuff Earrings As The Eternal Trend

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Cuff earrings can be of various sizes and thicknesses. They can always have some detail or a precious stone on them. They are loved equally by women, but also by men. Women love to wear large cuff earrings because their face comes to the fore – while men generally wear smaller ones without any striking features or large gemstones. Each of these ear cuffs carries with it a part of your personality. It reflects your attitude and carries a message. For example, those with pearls or diamonds – reflect the status symbol – while those with two or four lines or a skeleton head can reflect the lifestyle, rebellion, belonging to a particular social group, etc.

2. Cuff Earrings With Pendant

You may have worn earrings like this as a girl, but time has taken its toll. Now, you’re looking for some more modern variants of larger or more exclusive models. However, cuff earrings with pendants are back in fashion and are more beautiful than ever. Gold and silver, with pendants in the shape of a crescent, a star, etc. – they all look so attractive. They emphasize the gentle side of your personality and remind you of childhood. Just one or a whole series of small rings, it doesn’t matter, because the effect is amazing in both cases. They are perfect for everyday wear because they do not seem heavy and blend in with all styles of modern clothing.

3. Minimalist Ear Cuffs

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Another option, softer and more subtle is minimalist ear cuffs with no pendants. If you like simplicity and strive for a calmer style – these earrings are perfect for you. You can select just one pair or stack more pairs in a row. You can also play with size – but also choose the option of wearing more of them on one ear. These ear cuffs can be unisex – and are most often made of gold, silver, stainless steel, jewelry, etc.

4. Ear Cuffs With Precious Stones

These earrings are in high demand and can be styled in many ways. On a woman, they practically come to the fore. Their secret is in the unusual setting and arrangement of precious stones – but also their shape and form. These cuff earrings exude high gloss. These earrings look best with high collar sweaters – and they are great for turning a mostly casual combination into a glamorous one. They can be, and are most often made of gold or platinum – and several precious stones are arranged on the ear cuff itself.

5. Ear Cuffs With A Symbol

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These are very popular because they reveal your attitude about something. Sometimes it can be a twig with a leaf, a crown, or some religious symbol. They are a part of the urban, street fashion – and are widespread especially among young people. They can be made of all materials – but most often, due to the price and fashion, they are made of silver and stainless steel, etc. They will give you an original and urban fashion expression.


Throughout history, cuff earrings have been a fashion item that has shown the authenticity and uniqueness. However, they also show strength, power, and social belonging. These earrings will never lose their significance and style – because in many ways they are a decorative item that shows the reflection of your personality. Therefore, choose those that suit your character.