The situation in which the keys remain inside the vehicle with automatic locking is one of the many unpleasant circumstances that can befall drivers. Why does this happen and how to solve the problem when the keys remain inside the vehicle?

Help! My Car Is Locked And The Key Is Inside

Vehicle locking can be mechanical or electrical. Some vehicles that have an electric locking mechanism, among other things, have the option of automatic door locking. In the world of cars, the automatic locking function is considered to be very useful for so many reasons. However, sometimes unpleasant situations with the key happen – especially if your concentration drops down.

Therefore, in the following text, we will deal with how you can react if your car is locked automatically – and your key remains inside the car. We will try to show you some of the most effective procedures that lead to a way out of this problem.

Prevention Comes First: Make Sure You Took Your Car Keys And Make Sure You Have Spare Ones


Whatever problem you encounter with your car on the road, or even in the garage – stress is somehow an inevitable part. Nowadays, cars are an integral part of our lives, and we need them almost all the time. So if you’re in a situation where you can’t use a car for at least one day – you are at a great loss. This situation is especially stressful for people who use the car for business purposes.

Today, a large number of cars on the market have the option of automatic locking. That means that if you get out of the vehicle, and the keys are stuck inside it – repairs to the car lock are almost inevitable. In circumstances like this, people are especially annoyed by the fact that the car is not broken – but they can’t drive it because they locked themselves out. If you have a car that has the option of automatic locking – you are more likely to be struck by this inconvenience. The reason is simple – you have no habit of not getting out of the car without keys.

Therefore, make sure you take your keys before you get out of the car. Check twice if you have to. Also, a recommendation is to have a spare pair of keys, just in case.

1. Call A Car Locksmith


A car locksmith is a person who performs repairs on locks and keys for vehicles of various types. This includes services such as repairing car locks and opening cars with automatic locking – but also making and repairing various types of car keys, as well as remote controls on keys. When you read such a wide range of services – it seems as if calling a car locksmith is an ideal option. However, there are also situations in which the locksmith can help you out right on the spot. Let’s say you’re traveling to Tucson.

According to, you only need to have a locksmith Tucson contact – and they can help you out with the problem. Of course, you should keep in mind that sometimes in emergencies, locksmiths cannot be on the spot as fast as you need to. These are, for example, situations when this kind of problem happens to you somewhere on the road. Then it is better to call tow service.

However, a car locksmith can be very helpful when buying a car – and you can make a copy of the key that will be in your wallet and ensure that a situation like this does not happen to you.

2. Self-Opening: What Do Drivers Attempt To Do?


When you search the Internet to look at what to do in a situation when the keys are left inside the vehicle – you will see numerous videos in which people use various tools to open old or new car models that lock automatically. It is recommended that you do not engage in such endeavors – and we will list two procedures that appear as proposals and explain why they are wrong.

Using shoelaces or twine

The twine is taken by both ends, then pulled from the upper edge of the door – and a loop is tied on the side. By gently pulling left and right, the twine is pulled downwards, so that the knot goes towards the lock button.

The knot is then tightened and the button is raised – that is, the car is unlocked. This type of unlocking can also be considered the safest because there is the least possibility of major damage to the car. However, the problem is that it can only be implemented on older car models that are locked in this way – and you also need a lot of skill.

Opening the car by using a wire


This procedure requires a wire such as the one from which the hanger is made – and also an object such as a shoehorn. First, open the door slightly with a shoehorn, or similar object according to the principle of a lever – so just enough for the wire to pass. Then the wire reaches the lock or unlocks button. This procedure has several variations that you will find online, and the principle is similar to that used by car thieves. Unlike the first procedure, here you are more likely to do damage to the car – and pay significantly more money for repairs.

After such car opening procedures, in most cases, it will be necessary to repair some other component that will be damaged in the process. Keep in mind that car door lock repairs require a larger amount of money than calling a tow service – which will solve your problem very quickly, at affordable prices.

The Bottom Line

We hope that the situation with forgotten car keys will not happen to you. However, if something like this happens – at least we tried to instruct you on how to get out of this problem as soon as possible. We hope you find our tips interesting and helpful.