The online gambling industry hardly needs any introduction. We have all witnessed its meteoric rise to fame and glory over the last several years, and it is evident that online casinos are the place to be if you are passionate about gambling. However, there are still many aspects and features that an average gambler may not know about. Moreover, there are certainly numerous games that they know nothing about since most of them focus on what they already know and love.

There is no denying that some games are more popular than others. If we had to pick out the top three, it would definitely be the classic trio of poker, blackjack, and roulette. These three iconic games are widely present and available in numerous variations on every online casino. In fact, they are so popular that there are players who never actually play anything else. Slot machines could be the closest thing to a fourth type of game, but they have little in common with the aforementioned fan-favorites because they rely solely on luck and the randomness factor.

If you are a gambler, or if you want to pick up this activity as a new hobby, but lack the knowledge of games, we are here to help. In the article ahead you will learn about some of the less popular and practically unknown games that are worth your time and money. It could be said that they flew under the radar and that they offer enough excitement and fun as the bigger titles out there. Keep reading to learn more about underrated casino games.

1. Craps


We start things off with a seemingly simple dice game that anyone can play and have fun with. While it seems more intimidating in a traditional casino you physically visit, it can also get pretty competitive in an online casino. It matters how you play in terms of winning, but the best odds you have of winning include the pass/come and the don’t pass/don’t come tactics. They have a return to player (RTP) index of 98.59% and 98.64%, respectively.

However, there are 120 available bets so you can pick and choose what you like. Craps has simple mechanics and there is not much strategizing and skill involved. It has been called the most player-friendly casino game in existence. The game is also quite fun, and you have probably seen it being played in movies when people are packed around a table rubbing shoulders. If you are interested in learning more about it, especially about the online variety, find more info.

2. Baccarat


Here is another game you have probably heard of but never really tried to play yourself. If craps is the friendliest and most innocent game out there, Baccarat is definitely the most straightforward casino game you can try.

The players wager either on the banker or on a player, and all the work is done by the dealer. For its complete lack of involvement on the player’s side, one would think it is not that popular. However, it has been growing in popularity for years. It is by far the most popular game in the gambling capital of Macau.

The house edge rarely exceeds 1.5% and the players usually win at least something. Get informed on it quickly and get some games under your belt, because it is only a matter of time before baccarat becomes mainstream and no longer underrated.

3. Casino War


Although it sounds ominous, or at least as a good old Western scenario shootout in a desert town casino, Casino War is actually a children’s game turned monetized casino game. All there is to it is drawing single cards. Yes, it is that game from our childhood where you and your sibling or friend would draw cards, and the one with a higher number wins.

If the card is the same, though, the war begins and each player has to wager an equal amount they already have in play. In a casino scenario, the player plays against the dealer and if the player cannot match the increased wager following the same card being drawn, the casino wins. It is a tough game to beat from the player’s standpoint, but it is engaging and inviting, so many plays it around the world. The casinos make money from it most of the time, but you should try it nonetheless. It is definitely underrated. You can also visit

4. Pai Gow


Also known as Pai Gow Poker, this is one of the most enjoyable and exciting derivative games you can possibly find. With the house edge being just under 3% in most casinos, it is not as rewarding as some of the other underrated games we talked about. However, it is insanely fun.

Each player has to build two hands, a give-card and a two-card hand. Every player is dealt a total of seven cards and they get the chance to combine them into two useful hands. This plays out slowly and is definitely not for those looking for quick gameplay and rapid rounds.

The slowness stretches your bankroll considerably, but it is a very fun time and a wholly different take on a familiar game you probably know and love. More and more casinos are incorporating it into their lineup and the gamblers cannot get enough of it.

5. Mississippi Stud


Last but not least, we talk about a game that experienced gamblers never give any time of day. As another poker derivative, they instantly believe it to be unworthy of their time and money. That however is far from the truth.

There are a lot of strategies involved, so it is not luck or a randomness-based game like some other derivatives. You can raise or fold several times on every hand, which makes for long rounds and hours of playtime. The house edge is said to be around 5%, which is too high, but it is not that simple because they calculate it based on the initial wagers.

When you take into account the hands and the round as a whole, it actually falls down to around 1.8%. It instantly becomes one of the games with the best chance of winning. The payouts are also great, with the royal flush paying 500 to 1 and the simple plush giving you 6 to 1.