Love knows no boundaries, definitely. This has been shown through many love stories that have happened all over the world, especially in the UK. If you have a partner in the UK, in that case, there is a process in front of you that you have to go through according to the regulations that this country has.

If you are planning to get married in the UK, there are a few things that you need to do in order to ensure that your application goes smoothly. However, there are rules you need to follow and conditions you need to fulfill. One of these requirements is being able to prove that you are in a stable relationship, which is very important to get a marriage visa UK. This may not always be as straightforward as it seems.

Until recent years, the law has been quite restrictive when it comes to who can apply for a UK marriage visitor visa. From there, there are rules that are strong and must be respected, but they are not important as as how strong your relationship is with the partner you will prove. This has now changed, and anyone outside the UK who is in a formal, monogamous relationship with a British citizen or resident can now apply. All that is required is to go through the terms and conditions and the process will run smoothly.

There are many benefits to applying for a UK marriage visitor visa from outside the UK. There are a number of agencies and intermediaries that work with marriage visas UK. With that, the process is quite simple, they guide you and give you instructions on how to arrange the documentation and go through the process without any obstacles.

Not only will this make your application process smoother, but it will also allow you to enjoy all of the wonderful aspects of British culture without added stress. If you are planning on marrying someone from the UK, then read on for our guide on how to apply from outside the UK. Let’s get started!

First of All, Let’s See What Marriage Visitor Is for in the UK

Applying for a UK Marriage Visitor Visa

Most of you are familiar with the fact that special visas are required to visit the UK, there are a large number of them, and especially they differ when it comes to love affairs. One of the visas we are looking at today is the Marriage Visitor visa which you need to enter the UK.

This visa applies to all future wives and husbands who have a partner in the UK. The duration of this document to enter and stay in the UK is up to 6 months maximum, after which you need to leave the country. This document only allows you to stay, which means that with this visa you cannot work, study or do anything else in the UK.

What is the Need for a Marriage Visitor Visa to Visit the UK?

Marriage Visitor Visa

We are sure you are wondering why you need this visa. This document is issued to all prospective spouses of UK citizens who wish to visit their partner and is issued because you are in a relationship with your partner. Then, after you have one such visa, if you marry your partner and fulfill all the conditions required by the law of the United Kingdom, you can acquire a Spouse visa, which is of a different type.

Therefore, if you plan to visit your UK partner, all you need to do is apply for this type of visa instead of a classic tourist visa. This will ease your path to a Spouse visa or becoming a UK citizen in the future once you marry your partner.

How Much Does It Cost to Issue Such a Visa?

As we are sure that you are already in preparations to visit your partner in the UK and are looking for necessary information and guidance, we bring you another important piece of information.

You need to know what the price is for this visa. The visa costs 100 pounds, and we can say that it does not cost too much money. Since this is a Marriage Visitor visa, we can say that the Spouse visa is much more expensive and costs more money, that is, above the price you will pay for this visa. All you need is to go through the process, fulfill all the requirements and your visa will be approved.

What Conditions Do You Need to Meet to Get This Visa?

united kingdom visa price

Of course, to be selected for a certain visa, and even for a Marriage Visitor visa, you need to meet certain requirements. The rules regarding the issuance of these visas in the UK are very strict, but still not complicated if it is a true love affair that can be easily proven. From there it is necessary to:

Show That Your Relationship Is Real and Lasts at Least 2 Years

You have a challenge to show how much you love your partner and show your good memories. It is important to show that you have been together for at least 2 years, and you can show all this through photos, evidence of living together, valid testimonials from friends and close people, joint trips, bookings and reservations together, etc.

You Need to Demonstrate That You Can Support Yourself Financially While in the UK

The second step is to demonstrate financial stability and the means you will have to spend on you and your stay in the UK. This proves that you are not going to work, but visiting your partner.

Proof of Residence

You need to provide proof of where you will be staying and how long your stay will last in that place. This is usually proven by a reservation or by a letter guaranteeing your stay.

Booking a wedding ceremony – this is also an important detail that shows that you and your partner are planning a celebration in the near future.

These details, as well as several others, are important to obtain this visa, but also to facilitate the path to the official spouse visa that you can obtain in the future.


This process is not so complicated if your love is big enough and is true. All that is required is to go through the UK rules, meet the requirements, and get the document. And then? Then you will have plenty of time to spend with your beloved partner in the UK.