Are you a fan of slot games? Have you ever tried going to a brick-and-mortar Casino and trying your luck? Or have you visited some of the amazing online casinos and did the same? Everyone has heard about slots. But up until recently, there was only one type of slot game to play. Now, people are talking about Megaways with excitement. Even players who are brand new to online slot games would have heard about a Megaways slot at one point or another. Megaways has taken the slot world by storm and has remained incredibly popular since its initial release in 2015. Megaways at show no signs of slowing down as there is a constant stream of new slots released every year!

History of Megaways

While Megaways slots have taken over the slot world, it may come as a surprise to some players that these slots are actually a relatively new innovation in the world of gaming. But what are they anyway? Megaways is a reel modifier that changes the number of symbols on a reel which each spin, essentially providing players with hundreds of different ways to win with each spin that they make. Megaways was actually created by Big Time Gaming, a developer originating in Australia, it was first released in 2015 but it wasn’t until the release of Bonanza Megaways in 2016 that the game engine really began to take the world by storm!

There have been a consistent release of Megaways slots ever since, some based on original themes whilst others have used established slot games and entertainment properties. What’s special about these slots are the much higher chances for winning, thanks to the great number of combinations and ways to get to your goal. Although every slot game almost completely relies on luck, the inevitable factor are the odds of winning – which in case of Megaways, are significantly higher, compared to other slot games.

What Does the Game Look Like?

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You may think that every game with slots is the same. If this is the case, you have to know that you were wrong. The rules of the game are less complicated, and they go down to aligning identical symbols in a certain direction. That’s it! In other slot games, there are usually a couple more requirements such as lining up the symptoms along the payline, paying attention to details – symbol size for example, and other game-related ones such as the total score of matching symbols on each reel. But in Megaways, you will just need to roughly calculate the number of reels and symbols and that’s it.

Megaways revolutionized the world of slot games, offering attractive features and even better winnings. One of the most important features is the expanding reels system that has spiced up the game and made it more interesting and engaging. Every person who has ever tried playing slots, knows that the odds of playing against the computer are so low that’s it’s more than just pure luck – it’s literally a waste of money. On the other hand, Megaways slots have a potential opportunity of winning on every single spin that’s being made. But what really attracts the customers are not only the slots or great bonuses that are available. There are also other benefits for new players such as free spins, multipliers, or fantastic bonuses – that make the whole experience unforgettable. Sounds good enough to try?

Reasons To Use Megaways

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While the Megaways game engine may initially sound quite complicated, especially for newer players, there are actually a few reasons why players should use Megaways games.
Megaways slots provide players with a much better chance to win thanks to their increased amount of pay lines. There are a maximum of over 100,000 different pay lines that can be triggered if the Megaways slot is feeling particularly generous.

The large payouts that a Megaways slot promises are another reason why players flock to these slots. Not only is there a lot of winning potential but the amount that a player can win is considerably larger than an average slot. Depending on how much you initially stake, you could see a potentially huge payout.
Megaways slots are also something different, they offer a completely different and more enjoyable gaming experience than other types of slots. The constantly increasing and decreasing reel size will keep any player’s attention as the slot stands out from the crowd.

Best Megaways Slots

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The amount of Megaways releases have increased since their very first release in 2015. Many slots now take advantage of the innovative technology that Big Time Gaming created and use the Megaways game engine.

  • Monopoly Megaways is based on the classic board game and it was developed by Big Time Gaming. The slot has an RTP of 96.5% and it is highly volatile. Players will particularly enjoy the graphics and design of this slot, it perfectly captures a traditional monopoly board and features all the familiar iconography from the game.
  • The Pig Wizard Megaways is an entertaining slot which follows Harry Trotter as he learns the ways of magic. It was developed by Blueprint and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The RTP is 95.75%, although the slot is highly volatile.


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Megaways have been incredibly popular over the past few years and the game engine is showing no signs of stopping, since every year there are more innovation Megaways releases for players to enjoy. This type of slot brought a big change in the slot games we knew about and transformed them from a pure luck-based, semi-interesting experience to a fun, exciting, and challenging game with amazing options, big payouts, and great winning potential.

From only a thousand times your stake in the traditional slots, Megaways slots allow you to win the maximum amount of 100,000 times your stake! As a relatively new invention, Megaways have established their role in the world of gambling and people seem to love it more than ever, thanks to their unique advantages and features. Have you tried playing a game or two? If not, you should! According to the majority of players, this game will not leave you disappointed.