As we continue through 2015, lovers of traveling and holidaying in exotic destinations will be thinking about their next big trip. So what are the five top holiday destinations for this year?

5The Azores


If you prefer adventures to beaches and partying, the Azores – an archipelago 900 miles from mainland Europe – offers something a little different. The scenery here is wild and untamed, all volcanoes and waterfalls, with canyoning being a popular form of holiday adventure.

You can get very affordable packages devoted to this, offering a week of abseiling and pool diving, or you can just head there yourself and go mountain biking or climbing the rocky surfaces.



If you would like to experience a culture totally different to our western one, then Oman represents somewhere still pretty untouched by globalization.

Oman offers sights like the Museum of the Frankincense Land (ruins located in Salalah) and the Grand Mosque. It isn’t a tourist hotspot, so you can visit at any time, although avoiding the summer may be best if you are not comfortable in heavy heat.



This Belgian city is another great destination for those who don’t like the hot weather. There will never be a better time to go there than this year, as it is the European Capital of Culture – with cultural events throughout the year.

These include Till We Drop, by artist Jean-Paul Lespagnard, and Metropolis. The weather is likely to be mixed whenever you visit, much like in the UK, so you can pick a time that best suits your plans.



Macau has become famous for casino gaming since the rise of mobile casino games, and establishments like the Grand Lisboa and the Galaxy Macau provide all the usual favorites (blackjack, roulette etc) alongside things like fan-tan and the finest in Chinese cuisine.

However, beyond the casinos, Macau also offers cultural attractions like the Museum of Art – with both Eastern and Western artworks – and the Ruins of the Church of St Paul. Be warned though: it is a hot climate, so dress to suit this if you visit.



Turkey has much to offer visitors, from spice markets and souks to be explored in Istanbul, to a number of wonderful beaches for soaking up the sun. Furthermore, if you want something a little more unusual during your trip there, why not visit Cappadocia, where you can take a hot air balloon trip over the city. Thus, you see the world is your oyster, with so many marvelous destinations to visit this year.