Every homeowner wishes to have a beautiful, green lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. Having healthy, beautiful grass is not only great for outdoor recreation and health, but it can also add to the value of your property and is great for the environment. Unfortunately, lawns can often end up in poor conditions, and homeowners might decide it is the perfect time to lay turf which is a cost-effective way of bringing your yard back to life. You might as well want to check out for more tips to improving your yard.

Once you become an owner of a new turf lawn, you will want to keep it in good condition by maintaining and taking proper care of it. Here is advice on how you can keep your turf in top shape and ensure that it stays in the best condition.

5Mow the lawn properly


Cutting the grass too short can damage it and result in water wastage. You should wait until your turf has had time to settle which is about 4 to 6 weeks after installation. According to experts from AViewTurf, the perfect time to mow it would be when the grass is around 6cm high. To avoid destroying your lawn, always remember to remove the grass clippings from it.

4Give your turf adequate water

Watering your turf for the first time is extremely important, so you should be generous and water the area entirely until it is sodden enough to soak through the turf. Your lawn should be watered daily for a week after the first.

The best time to water would be before the sun rises or after it has gone down, so early mornings and evenings would be a perfect choice. After, watering it 3 to 5 days a week would be best. Always be careful not to overdo it since it can negatively affect the grass.

3 Use the right fertilizers


Fertilizing your lawn twice a year is necessary and is best to be done in autumn and spring. Fertilizers help the grass grow, making it stronger and more damage-resistant. They are also great for maintaining the greenness of the grass as long as possible.

2Weeding is important

Getting rid of weeds is extremely important for keeping a healthy lawn, so you would want to treat them whenever possible, but especially in fall and spring.

Pre-emergent weeding products are used for preventing growth, while post-emergent products are used directly on the weeds. Just make sure to keep yourself safe in the process, so it is best to avoid windy or rainy days and to always read the labels before using the chemicals.

1Aerate it


Soil compaction can stifle root growth, so to prevent it from occurring, the soil should be aerated annually in fall or spring. You can let your lawn breath by using a garden fork, driving it in vertically and then moving it backward. Pay attention to the wetness of your soil when aerating since it should be just moist and not too wet or dry.

Fitting these simple, yet important steps into your maintenance regime will help you have a yard people dream of and you might even end up enjoying taking care of your lawn in the process. Learn more here at