Luggage storage is easy to find, but a good luggage facility is not. The items you possess are always of great value, so you deserve to get the best storage services. There are many things you should look out for in luggage storage facilities. And here we have made a comprehensive list for you about eight things you have to keep in mind when storing your luggage.

1. Check the credentials of the company

You cannot trust random luggage storing facilities that you see around. The company you store your resources should be verified and of quality with a good business history and a clean slate. Stasher King’s Cross Luggage storage has been quite popular for ages.


There shouldn’t be any major cases of possessions being stolen. The company should also have good funds and there should be good company names associated with it. Certain reputed companies also have good websites and reviews on popular search engines like Google. Make sure all that is in order and all the facilities are updated and the service is active.

2. Don’t ignore the cost factor

The costs tend to range from low and medium to high. But remember you’d be storing your prized and highly valued possessions in that facility. So, investing a bit more for the safety of your items is imperative. Check for the company’s investment.

Make sure there are commercial spaces, racks for luggage storage, and insurance for luggage storage. Good storage businesses must ensure to tick these three boxes or else, you’d have trust issues and you’d be unsure of what to do.


3. Maintenance of your luggage

Luggage is to be kept safe and that includes you ensuring that there is good staff, good surveillance facilities and the maintenance and updates about your luggage should be good.

Check for the system, the system should be perfect. The arrangement, the hosting of your luggage should not waver.


Check for insurance of your luggage too, make sure it is concrete, that way the company makes sure it’ll guard your belongings with utmost priority. This is the mark of a great luggage storage facility so make sure you keep in mind this aspect.

4. Check the user crowd

Make sure it is active service. There should be people availing of this service. Take time to first do a background check and get references. Many people who travel would’ve used this, so ask them. There are forums like Quora or even reviews help.

Check for the smoothness and efficiency of the company through people who’ve actually employed their services.


Generally speaking, travelers who have come to the city for a short stay are the ones who usually need such services. They may be here for either a job interview or a layover and will soon move out. In either case, they can’t travel in the tubes with heavy bags on their shoulders.

Make sure you find out people like that and enquire. This is one extra step you can take if you’re very worried about the luggage services.

5. Consistent Prices

Let’s say you have no problems paying a bit more to ensure the safety of your luggage. But how much more? Check for the luggage storage space charges and enquire specifically about it.

Calculate the final bill accordingly and check if it actually matches the service you’d be given. Sometimes there would be clauses and sometimes certain times would cost a bit more than others.


Plan your storage accordingly. Also, there would be a concession or increase in prices based on the number of your bags and time of the day or week. Make sure you know all this before availing of their service. The company’s price card should be transparent and perfect.

6. Customer Service

This is the trickiest and most important aspect of the whole deal. Remember, a good service should always be accompanied by timely response and professionalism. If you lose your bags, you’d expect them to be dealt with systematically and professionally.

The customer service should hence be of top quality. The helplines, contact number, or email should be readily available and should have fast responses.


This much is mandatory for the company to provide and make sure before you avail of their services, you get this down pat.

7. Check for effective marketing and their advertising

This is very important as the company shouldn’t be an unknown entity and should have a good name. A storage market is a competitive place where everyone is involved in an everlasting rat race. Their marketing tactics should be unique and you should get an idea that they have invested well in that aspect.

The efficiency of services should be outlined well. There should be an assurance that it is a remarkably budding domain that is in demand. This generates trust and should make you want to store your luggage there as it is a trusted brand.

8. Outlets

It is best they have many outlets as this makes it easier for you to travel and availing of the same company’s services all across the city would save you time and money. It will also be handled professionally and will be smooth and seamless. This is an important criterion and if you ensure this aspect, you can be relieved of your luggage guilt-free.


The staff would be coordinated and any mishap or accident with your luggage will be dealt with best. And inside tip? The headquarters of such companies with many outlets tend to take customers really seriously. So using the services of such a company will help you a lot and not give you any reason for tension. What more would you want in a luggage storing company.


Thus, this is your pocket-size checklist and guide of relying on luggage storage services. The dynamic industry is booming presently, and such tips should be kept in mind while availing of such services. These are very important and hence we have outlined them for your perusal.