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Egypt is an interesting destination for tourists to see for many years and the interests just keep rising. With its rich history, magnificent pyramids and welcoming people, it is easy to understand what attracts so many people to go and explore this mysterious country. Whether you want to dive and explore the reefs, sunbathe or learn about the history, there is something for every tourist that goes to Egypt.

However, before you go, make sure you inform yourself about everything, so once you go, you enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some things you need to pay attention to.

Inform yourself about the safety issues

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One of the first questions that tourists ask before they go to Egypt is “Is it safe to go?” There have been some safety issues in the past, but it is safe to say that overall, tourists don’t have any issues while staying in Egypt. However, in order to be on the safe side, check the recommendations and assessment of your government but take them with the grain of salt. Governments tend to be strict and overprotective of their citizens.

Also, visit forums to ask other tourists about the safety measures you can take to protect yourself from the possible threats such as mugging and pickpocketing, which is a major issue there. You will probably notice security everywhere – in front of the hotels and restaurants and you may even be asked to pass through a metal detector. If you find yourself in Aswan, you will see armed military police everywhere. However, this should not concern you because the Egyptian government is trying to deal with all the security issues and enable the tourist to be secure during the stay.

Don’t forget to give tips

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Personal service is very good in Egypt because tourism is developed. It is important to be prepared to give tips for all the services, so be ready. The tip doesn’t have to be big. Five Egyptian pounds will be sufficient, but it is expected of you to give it. After you arrive in your hotel room, you will probably hear a knock on your door a few minutes after you go in. The room attendant will come to give you something that you didn’t even ask, just so they can get the tip. Have lots of small bills of local currency so you can give tips whenever necessary. This way you will probably get better service than everyone else.

Bring cash with you

Unlike the Western countries were paying with credit cards has become the norm, Egyptians use mostly cash. Larger hotels will probably accept the credit card, but if you plan to buy in small stores, then the cash is your friend. Have at least $150 in your pocket, so in case you want to buy something, you can do it without issues. Also, avoid giving tips in U.S. dollars, because the locals cannot use them and there is a fee for exchanging it. Always have some Egyptian pounds ready.

Pack light clothes

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Keep in mind that the weather in Egypt is really hot, especially in June, July, and August. If you are traveling about this time, expect temperatures from 40-48°C. If your first thought is to bring short skirts, shorts, and sleeveless t-shirts, we must tell you that you should do the complete opposite – cover up as much as you can. Besides the fact that the locals are mostly Muslims and they expect decent clothes even from foreigners, the reason for covering is to protect the skin from burns. The fabrics should be very thin such as lightweight cotton and linen because they will protect your skin, but won’t add the heat to the already hot day. Don’t forget the hat and a scarf that you can put over your mouth in case the sandstorm starts.

Be careful about the food you eat

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Make it a number one priority to stick only to proven restaurants when it comes to having your meals. There were numerous cases of food poisoning of tourists in Egypt, so don’t experiment too much. The luxurious hotels have higher standards concerning food safety, but there is always a risk that something will not be good for your stomach. Avoid consuming food sold on the streets because even though they may smell delicious, there is a higher risk that the safety standards are not satisfied.

Consume only bottled water since tap water is not safe to use. Even when you brush your teeth, opt for using bottled, or at least boiled water. In case you feel that your stomach is upset, the pharmacies are available everywhere, so you can buy over the counter medicines. Pharmacists may even give you an antibiotic since they don’t need the authorization from a doctor.

Bargain before you pay for something

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When you want to buy something in one of the bazaars, you are expected to bargain. Don’t just hand out the money asked of you. This is a wonderful opportunity to feel the local spirit and also get the thing you like at a much lower price. Locals usually set a much higher price, especially for tourists, but polish your skill for bargaining and learn to negotiate. If you can’t agree on the price then simply thank the seller and walk away. You will probably notice that they are chasing you because they reconsidered.

If you want to visit Egypt, visit for available travel packages. Egypt is beautiful and worth exploring, that’s for sure. With a little preparation before you go and caution when you do get there, you will enjoy the time of your life. Make sure you don’t leave your things unattended when traveling, especially in crowded areas. Also, pay attention to all the safety recommendations issued by the government. Always have a bottle of water with you because the heat can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you are not used to it.