Temu is a brand-new multi-category e-commerce platform that innovates the way online shopping works by providing consumers with great access to exceptional items at very competitive costs. Temu wants to give customers huge product options and make sure they can purchase without any difficulty.

Pinduoduo, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world with more than 11 million suppliers and about 900 million active buyers, is Temu’s sister company. Temu and Pinduoduo are both owned by the PDD Group (Nasdaq: PDD).

Temu has access to a sizable number of products thanks to Pinduoduo’s international suppliers. With this huge number of manufacturers under its belt, it can have a variety of products at competitive prices. This helps Temu to give its consumers customized and specially curated items that meet any of their expectations.

Temu aims not only by providing customers with excellent and affordable products but also service. This is why the shipping policy is very customer-oriented. To ensure that shopping is more fun, Temu provides its customers with more shipping options to choose from. Now, it does not only give customers a standard shipping option (order to arrive in around about 7 – 15 business days), it also has an express shipping option which can help to cut off delivery time to only a couple of days (exact days of shipping estimate will be shown after you confirm your order).

You can get free-benefit of express delivery if you shop for more than $99. But if your order is below that, you need to only pay $12.90 for the express delivery. Having this express delivery option will allow you to be more at ease when shopping for certain last-minute needs at Temu. Need a new work attire before your first day of work? A home decor for Thanksgiving? Or a cute and useful gift for your loved one who will celebrate their birthday next week? Whatever the case is, nothing to worry about because Temu new express shipping will be your ultimate shopping solution!


On top of that, Temu collaborates with a reputable global shipping network, so worry not – your purchase will get delivered to your address on time! Keep in mind that the shipping process could take longer if there are problems incurred with the weather, the shipping company, or other factors. If this unfortunate thing happens, Temu will give a $5 incentive to repay for the customer inconvenience due to the late delivery incurred on its platform.

This newly launched e-commerce platform is the ultimate marketplace that you should check out immediately! Currently, it offers huge Black Friday sales on its platform, as well as free standard shipping for all purchases without minimum payment. Get the same benefit as the other customers who flock to Temu’s platform to purchase for their needs by visiting or downloading the Temu mobile app on Appstore (iPhone users) or Playstore (Android users).