A standing desk is a great investment from multiple perspectives. Whether you are looking for one for personal use at home or office use at the workplace, this is one piece of furniture that yields a plethora of health benefits. What more? Most millennial entrepreneurs are opting for non-stereotypical interiors for their offices and a standing desk is one such piece that immediately adds to the charm and zeal of a workplace. If you are contemplating investing in one, read this article to strengthen your buying motive!

1. Regulates weight gain

Office goers have long complained about the problem of weight gain as they age. Sure you are in your early twenties and have just joined the corporate world but think ahead. Few years down the line, would you want to see yourself with obesity and unnecessary weight gain? We know the answer.


It’s not really about how many stats are put before you or what number of testimonials an expert brings for you but it all comes down to if you are willing to commit to a certain lifestyle.

Adjusting to standing desks could seem daunting as you start, primarily because most of us have been a fan of comfortably resting on your chairs. However, once you get a hang of it, it is a smooth sail to a leaner and fitter body.

2. The best solution for long inactive hours

Have you ever noticed how many hours you spend being inactive? No, these are not the usual laid-back hours during a weekend or public holiday but the working hours during a business day. Even when you are at your workstation in the office, it is not possible to achieve a cent percent productivity, right? So, instead of denying those inactive hours, try to accept them and turn them into one of the little workout sessions for your body.


By switching to a standing desk, you can simply make a small lifestyle change to not shut down your body or hurt your back.

These desks ensure that even while you are not working, your body is still not giving in to bad posture or lethargy, thus keeping you active and functional round the clock.

3. A plethora of variants available

Standing desks are not one of those creaky wooden tables which are just too much trouble, to begin with. The designing of these desks is meticulously carried out, making them a perfect fit with varying lifestyle choices. It does not matter if you need it for those relentless gaming sessions or a tedious workday, you will always find a design that flatters you. What more?

There is significant variation in the choice of material to wood, metal, plastic. You are free to make a choice that fits your requirement and budget too. For instance, if you want something portable for fewer hours, investing in a plastic desk would be advisable. However, the durability and added features will be in question if that is your primary concern.


Similarly, the work area provided by the desk also adds to its size. If you are looking for a piece of standing furniture for office needs, you cannot do with a desk with limited workspace. These requirements have to be figured out before the shopping.

However, the bottom line is, no matter what the requirement, you will always find a desk that fits.

4. Boon for chronic backaches

Backaches can be painful and might also implore the person to switch to treatment if they continue for a longer time. Bad posture is one of the primary reasons for back pain and most of the corporate professionals and cubicle staff have complained of the same. Regular desks are to your back what computers are to your wrists. Hence, standing desks are the perfect solution to solve your problem of backaches.

The fact that these are height adjustable and also allow ease of movement unlike the regular desks ensures relief from chronic pain, particularly in the lower back area. If studies are to be believed, standing desks are also associated with a reduction in neck spasms and upper back stiffness.


5. Increases productivity

Cooped up in one place for most of the day can be a major hit on your productivity. Sure one has the freedom to move around but on closer thought, who even does that! Apart from a few trips to the water cooler and a couple to the cafeteria, people hardly move around when they are working. However, this changes with a standing desk because your body is already in motion.

Certain studies conducted in a similar domain have also proved that people found a drop in their everyday fatigue and stress when they switched to a standing desk. Investment in a piece of furniture such as a standing desk could add to the morale of your employees too and add to the overall productivity at the workplace.

Moreover, more offices are incorporating comfortable and easy-going pieces of furniture in the workplace so that it goes with the overall aesthetic vibe of the office too. A standing desk is one such piece that goes with most of the contemporary and pops culture-inspired themes, perfect for start-ups and modern offices.


Investment in health does not require you to cross a certain age threshold. A standing desk is a small change to your daily routine while at home or work which can bring a huge change in the health choices you will have to make in the future. Standing desks are the need of the hour in this evolving world, characterized by blurring lines between work and health.

Needless to say, you will face a few glitches as you make the switch but once you get into the habit of a standing desk, the energy will also radiate in your work. So, what are you exactly waiting for? Go and find your perfect fit and simply stand your way to a healthier life which is important in these hard times.