Random Number Generator (RNG)
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RNG has become a very important component for a multitude of games. It makes a game much more interesting with its unpredictability element. It also gives players equal chances of winning, whether they have the skills to do so or not.

That being said, not everyone is happy with the addition of RNG. So, before creating a game with RNG or playing one with it, you need to understand its pros and cons.

PRO: It Offers Everyone a Fair Chance

Fair Chance
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Depending on your level as a player, you may or may not be able to get a fair chance at winning. For example, as a beginner, you may not have the necessary skills to develop a good strategy. As your resources are lowering, you may feel like the results are no longer worth it and you end up quitting the game.

By using RNG services from companies like Britlottery, you ensure fairness and randomness of the lottery games and give everyone a chance of winning, regardless of their talent and strategy-building ability.

When players win, they are more likely to stick to a game and improve their skills. Along with fair chances comes the opportunity to earn higher rewards, making this a great addition for players who would not usually have access to it.

CON: It Limits Your Playing Strategies

Playing Strategies
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While RNG addition may be good for the players who don’t know how to create a strategy, it may limit those that do enjoy it. Many people play games to show their talents and strategy-making ability. When you take this away from them, you reduce the game’s worth.

Their inability to create a good strategy while leaving things up to chance may cause them to lose interest in the game. Even if they do enjoy the randomness of the game, the constant wins may cause their skills to suffer. It would no longer be a game of who’s more skilled – it would be one of “who’s luckier in the batch.”

PRO: It Makes Things More Exciting

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When you play a game that is based only on gameplay and skills, things often look good for a while. However, at some point, there is a high risk that everything will get boring. This often happens with players that are used to a specific game and use their skills to win constantly.

Still, eventually, the players may end up entering a rut, feeling bored that they no longer have any challenges. Many even end up quitting the game, simply because there is nothing to challenge them there.

By using RNG to create something such as a lottery for treasure or generate random odds, you add some variety. Companies such as Britlottery can provide RNG services to add that element of excitement.

CON: It Can Add to the Stress

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While RNG can make things much more exciting, it also has the potential of adding to the stress. For instance, let’s say that you have quite good skills when it comes to creating a strategy.

When you play a lottery for games, this will not help you much, as the numbers are generated randomly. You may end up with losses, even if your deductive skills are good enough.

This can cause your stress levels to rise – and when you are stressed, there is a good chance that you will mess things up. The uncertainty can affect the gaming experience, causing potential players to drop out of it.

The Bottom Line

RNG in gaming can bring numerous benefits, but also some drawbacks. As a gaming operator, you need to analyze both ends, to determine whether this would benefit you or not.

Also, make sure that you know your players before making this type of addition to a game and always use professional RNG services like the ones provided by Britlottery.