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We’re all going through a difficult time now. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. Business and commerce have taken a downturn, and our regular lives have been disrupted. Due to the contagious nature of this pandemic, we’re all stuck at our homes. People don’t know what to do in this unforeseen situation. Well, physical exercise is an excellent venture to get us going during this lockdown period. Exercises have an immense benefit to our health and mind. A lot of people complain about not getting time to exercise. Now is an excellent time to go for it.

Why exercise during a pandemic

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COVID-19 lockdown is an entirely new situation in our life. We don’t know when life will go back to the way it was before and when the wheels of the economy will be rolling again. Previously we used to have some movements for going to our workplace, do some cycling or jogging in the evening. Fitness lovers among us could hit the gym. But now, all we do is stay at home. So our body is not getting the required activities it needs to remain in good shape. Are you thinking about idling the time away thoroughly on Netflix or YouTube? Trust me; it’s not worth it. This will make you gain a lot of weight. Add some exercise in your life. Benefits are:

  • With the scare of COVID-19, it’s crucial to increase your immunity level. Yoga helps you to improve it.
  • It helps you to burn calories and lose some weight.
  • It boosts your testosterone level. Efficient supplements are also available for the optimum boost. You can always check out Dynamism Labs for these.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease and keep blood pressure in control.
  • Boredom and melancholy is another issue people are facing at lockdown. Spice up your daily life with some exercise of your liking. It doesn’t have to be tough & rough. Do whatever activity you like. Do it at your own pace.
  • Exercise at home is easy and flexible. You can be around your dear ones while doing those workouts.
  • Your exercise motivates other house members too.

How to plan your exercise:

1. Start easy, hit the music play button

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Do you like music? Open your favorite music streaming site and hit the play button. Play your favorite party music and start dancing. You might be missing your favorite dance floor on weekend nights. Just make the home your dance floor and start dancing to the music. Shake your body, shake your head. Move, spin and throw your limbs all around. After an hour of dancing, you’ll feel rejuvenated. On the bright side, your body will get the heart pumping exercise it needs.

2. Start walking

Walking is good exercise. It’s even more suitable for people with heart problems. Start walking in and around your home at a good pace. You can do it conveniently while keeping the TV news on. You get the exercise and the news update.

3. Light strength exercises

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You don’t have to be a hardcore gym junky. Take it slow. Pick out some light strength exercises of your choice. Push-ups, sit-ups, step-ups, squats, lunges or any other lightweight exercises can be useful home exercises. These are easy and don’t require much space around the home. Skipping is another good option too.

If you don’t have a dumbbell or other gears, it’s time to be creative. You can use home utensils and items as your dumbbell or other weight accessories.

4. Hit the treadmill

Running is one of the best forms of exercise. Have you ever been worried about the unused treadmill lying in the corner? Now is an excellent time to use it.

5. Online work out the video

There are tons of online videos on a home workout. You can find all sorts of content on YouTube. Fitness experts’ do online exercise training. Follow their lead and do it at your home. You can also play music while you stretch out.

6. Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of mental, physical and spiritual practice. It helps to achieve control over the mind, body and soul. It increases the body’s flexibility. People who are ardent practitioners of yoga enjoy sound minds and sound bodies. This lockdown may come as an excellent opportunity for you to explore the world of yoga.

You should choose a room in your house which remains clean, serene and peaceful. Yoga doesn’t require much gear other than your body. Yet a yoga mat might come handy. Then there are a lot of online yoga classes and yoga videos that are easy to find. You pick up time, follow your yoga practice with discipline and find your flow.

7. Household chores

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Household chores help a lot to keep it going and burn some fat. Cleaning and dusting around the home requires a hefty amount of effort. You can sweep and mop the floor more frequently. Besides adding to your exercise benefits, it also increases your defense against COVID-19. The nature of the coronavirus dictates that you keep your household cleaner. If you have a private lawn, try mowing it yourself regularly.

8. Maintain regularity

Maintaining regularity and consistency is the first hurdle to your home exercise. This pandemic lockdown is a new situation. It will take a bit of time to get used to. So makes an effort in your training. You may feel tired or unmotivated. Don’t worry. Just take your time and continue doing the task. Soon you’ll find your flow and start to enjoy it.

9. Remove the distractions

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All digital devices are a distraction. The illusion of the virtual world takes us away from the regular essential life. It’s an excellent step to keep the digital tools at a distance when you do exercise. Try to keep your exercise routine at a fixed time daily. Make sure you don’t get distracted with those Facebook, Instagram notifications.

Let us all do exercise to remain fit and healthy in this lockdown. Robust body and sound mind will help us to go through this challenging period.