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The possibility of making money online in 2024 is no longer a novelty. Everyone who has a computer or laptop and a decent internet connection has already fulfilled a part of the conditions for starting a business. But still we should keep in mind that in this business, as in any other, it’s necessary to invest a lot of work and effort if we want to progress and secure a good position in the market. The advantage is reflected in the fact that without almost any financial investment, you can really make a good profit. whether you choose to be a writer, a programmer, a designer, or something fourth. Many people who want to try are motivated by the stories of successful people, who have gone far with their own engagement. For someone who’s just starting to be interested in online business, this may seem unattainable, but with enough will and effort, you can certainly achieve your goal.

So, when you already like to spend so much time on the Internet, ask yourself why not try to combine pleasure and benefit and try to make money that way?

This article will answer some of the questions you most often ask yourself and give you an idea of ​​what the jobs you can do online. Well, let’s get started!

1. Writing articles

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Since its inception, Google has become the primary source of information for people around the world. And when you’re unsure or don’t know something, the first thing you do is open your browser and type a question or the desired term.

Today, the Internet is full of such websites with educational and informative content. Therefore, site owners often need writers whose texts are published regularly and thus keep the reader’s’ attention constant. So, continuity is necessary.

All you need for this job is knowledge of a foreign language in which texts are written, a computer and a stable internet connection. Writing consists of researching a topic, making a structure, and composing an article. A writer with experience and better knowledge of topics from different fields will need less time and thus will be able to write more articles a day and earn more money.

2. Graphic design

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Graphic design is a sphere of art that every business needs in this modern technological age. Many love it but a number of people avoid it because they think it’s similar to painting or some other art form. Also, many people think that they aren’t creative enough and that is why they are afraid to try.

It doesn’t have to be the case. There are many areas of graphic design and we’re sure you can find yourself in one of them in case you’re interested enough and you want to educate yourself. For example, you can be a logo, brochure or product packaging designer, you can illustrate book covers or draw portraits and cartoons.

The options are numerous, but before that, it’s important to learn how to work with tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

3. Writing e-books

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More good news for writing enthusiasts. Before the trend of writing e-books appeared, ordinary books were much harder to sell. It took the writer a lot of effort to find an adequate publishing house that would publish the book and pay the royalties. Not to mention all the previously invested work and printing costs.

Today, when the internet and Amazon are there, everything is made easier. Once you write your ebook, the first sale can be expected just minutes after its publication on Amazon.

However, by choosing an absorbing topic, writing style, and good promotional activities, you must make an effort to contribute to the improvement of reviews and thus increase sales.

4. Filling out online surveys

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This job isn’t difficult or complicated and doesn’t require too much knowledge, but only enough free time. Unfortunately, the earnings themselves are proportional to that. But if your goal isn’t to acquire wealth or earn millions, it can be quite okay.

There are websites that publish numerous surveys on various topics daily. Users who complete these surveys receive points that they can later exchange for various gift cards that they can use on Amazon or another online store, or the money can be sent to them via PayPal.

Since users from the US have an advantage and receive many more surveys than users from the rest of the world, you can always log in to more similar servers and thus earn more in case if you aren’t US citizen.

5. Testing applications and websites

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If you like public appearances and being in front of the camera, this is another way to earn a salary by doing an online job. Testing websites and applications cost a lot more than filling out surveys, and all you need from the accessories is a good microphone and camera.

Once companies hire you for this job, you must first pass an initial test. It includes checking the equipment and software you have as well as language skills. If you meet the criteria, you can start testing and get the tasks you need to complete.

In this case, too, it’s recommended to apply to several companies, in order to get enough tasks on a daily basis.

6. Video editing

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It seems that popular YouTubers and companies that publish videos every day are running out of time to edit. With the desire to work continuously and to release videos every day and thus satisfy the curiosity of their followers, they don’t manage to edit and learn how to work with tools, and that’s why they often hire experts for that.

If you have the necessary skills and knowledge when it comes to video editing, you can definitely consider this option. But even if you don’t know how to work in those programs, try to find tutorials and texts about it and learn. After all, invest money in a course and once you gain the necessary knowledge, go ahead.

7. Cryptocurrencies investment

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In this passive way of earning money, where money works for you, all you need to do is exchange money for one of the popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and wait. The value of cryptocurrency changes depending on the current demand, which can be higher or lower. With good trading and regular analysis of the crypto market, many have become millionaires.

The only problem is their illegal status because cryptocurrency cannot be traded as a fiat currency, so many try to convert it in various ways. On the other hand, some choose to buy digital currency. There are many ideas on what digital money can be invested in – and for more information, you can check

So, what are you waiting for? It’s all up to you! We hope that these ideas have inspired you and that you’ll find the perfect way to earn money from the comfort of your armchair.