In the sophisticated times, you just need to master them, especially for education. It can be laptops, tablets or phones. Today we tell about the best technologies which can help you to be more productive. There is another variant –, if you have troubles with essays.

1. Online courses


This phenomenon has become very popular in the last decade. Why? Because you study for money from professionals, you can master any profession, the most popular – IT. That is, a child from an early age in parallel with school can learn a new profession with the help of a computer.

You can learn from anywhere. No need to waste time on the road – you can master the program of an American university, staying in your city or traveling.

You can choose the pace of learning for yourself. There are no people in online learning who already know everything in ordinary streaming audiences and always reach out. You can also review lectures many times at a comfortable speed.

You can choose exactly when to attend classes. You do not need to adjust to the group or teacher, you can practice at any time.

Compared to studying at a university or a private school, online courses help to gain point skills that can be applied immediately. There are many subjects in the university program that do not relate to the profession, but they still have to spend time to get a diploma.

Lower cost of payment than on a commercial basis in universities. There are many free online courses.

2. Laptop – must have in the modern world


With the help of a laptop, children prepare for lessons, make beautiful presentations to show the material learned, and write essays.

How to choose a good laptop for games and education?

Firstly, decide whether you plan to carry a laptop with you or whether it will be at home. If you are engaged in remote work or distance learning, the device will generally be stored in place. In this case, we still recommend looking closely at a full-fledged computer. If you compare a computer and a laptop bought for the same price, the first will always be 1.5-2 times more powerful than the second. Portability is expensive, there is nothing you can do…

For those who are interested in how to choose a laptop for study and games, it is worth noting that modern 3D games with excellent graphics require very powerful hardware. The same can be said for people whose work involves 3D modeling, graphic design, photo and video processing in professional programs. A laptop equivalent in power will always cost twice as much as a computer.

And in laptops it is impossible to completely replace components, such as a processor or video card. But the last ones become hopelessly obsolete every 2-3 years. And of course for a desktop PC, you can buy a monitor with any diagonal, at least 56 inches (or more). A laptop with such a display, of course, will not fit into any backpack.



Many parents do not know which laptop is best to choose for school, desperately trying to understand the complex technical characteristics. In fact, it is enough for a young schoolboy to have a quality screen of normal size. The screen is important for both students and adult workers, because if it is small or with a blurred image, they will not enjoy any work.

Laptop screen dimensions


The optimal size of the diagonal is from 13.3 to 17.3 inches, depending on the desired compactness and convenience (the larger the display, the more convenient it is to work behind it). Optimal resolution from 1366×768 (HD) to 2560×1440 (2K). At the same time, the larger the diagonal, the higher the resolution should be, so that the screen has good clarity, which is achieved even at relatively large screens at a resolution of 1920×1080 (Full HD), so you should not chase higher performance.

Also, the screens are glossy and matte, but we recommend choosing the latter, they are less glare.



Let’s continue to learn how to choose a laptop for home and study – then we will focus on processors. Modern laptops mainly feature Intel and AMD processors. The former are more popular, as until recently they were considered more optimal in terms of heat / power ratio, which is important for laptops. However, today AMD is not inferior to its main competitor.

Each brand offers many lines and models of processors and in the store you can get a little confused. So do not bother, the main thing is the number of cores, threads and frequency – the higher these figures, the more powerful the laptop. You can easily compare several models on these indicators.

If you need a powerful enough laptop, you plan to do work in complex programs related to photo or video processing, or you are an avid gamer, then immediately ask to show you models with the latest generation of processors, then you will not go wrong.

If you need a laptop for easy tasks – for home and study, explain to the consultant that you do not need to show too fancy equipment. You don’t need the most fancy and powerful processor for this.

We do not recommend to focus strongly on the technical characteristics of the latter. Type in the search engine query “table of modern processors” and study the selection that has already been made for you. All you have to do is write down the appropriate options and show them to the consultant in the store.

RAM is important for the operation of the laptop


Speaking of which laptop to choose to study at the institute or to work after graduation, it is necessary to mention RAM. The volume recommended by modern realities is from 4 GB for simple programs, media / audio, web surfing, from 8 GB for video games, from 16 GB for work in complex technical programs.

By the way, additional memory sticks, if anything, can be purchased. The main thing is that the laptop has a free slot for adding memory, clarify this issue on the spot in the store, as the configuration may vary from batch to batch.