Moving at least once in your life happens to everyone. As a rule, this event is associated with stress, especially if it is quite hectic. To minimize all the inconvenience, it is easier to entrust the responsibility of moving things to a new place of residence to professionals. Fortunately, there are many reliable companies on the market today.

In order to minimize all the inconvenience, it is easier to entrust the responsibility of moving your belongings to a new place of residence to professionals. Fortunately, there are many trusted companies on the market today. Anyone who orders a service move turnkey can count on the fact that the disassembly and assembly of furniture, loading, and unloading will perform professionally. They have the necessary knowledge and a wide range of special tools to transport even the largest and most complex loads, such as one of the best companies in Spokane –

1. The main subtleties of professional relocation


Anyone who has already at least once used the services of a specialized moving company that allows you to carry out an apartment move quickly and without the slightest effort is unlikely to return to the practice of involving friends or acquaintances who could help in the transportation. The safety of furniture and valuables in this case is at risk. Some interior items need to be disassembled and reassembled using special equipment. An amateur will not be able to cope with this.

The only thing to ensure that the customer of such a service is to prepare exactly those things that really need to be transported. Anything that you do not want to see in the new house, you can throw away, and give the animals to friends or relatives. Everything else will be done by specialists.

Representatives of the moving company usually act according to a certain algorithm, taking into account the availability of appropriate special equipment, the floor, and the work of the elevator. They also take into account the size of the corridors and doorways, furniture, and equipment to be transported.

Only specialists are able to efficiently perform the assembly, disassembly, packing of cargo, installation, mounting, and wiring of everything necessary, leaving the customer with a perfectly prepared space for moving and living.

2. Good organization is the foundation

Get busy organizing your move. Start by going through all of your belongings. At this stage, it is advisable to be able to get rid of things that we do not use and no longer serve us.

Moving is a good excuse to get rid of “material ballast”. In addition, it means saving time and effort during the move.

The next step is to set a date for the move. And here comes the next big challenge: organizing the work step by step with a distribution of tasks for each of you. Plan everything by the day and by the hour. Although many of us don’t pay attention to it, good organization is the basis for effectively conducting the move and avoiding the stress associated with it.

In this case, an absorption schedule is ideal. Draw the furniture arrangement in your new home. This will make it easier for you to visualize your new space and organize it more efficiently. It will also make it easier for you to classify things – will they still be useful, or should you get rid of them and buy something new.

3. Transporting fragile items using special vehicles


The same applies to household appliances, they must be disconnected and re-installed to prevent damage and breakage in transit. Fragile items such as glass, porcelain, and sanitary ware must be transported in accordance with certain requirements. In particular, they must be provided with sturdy packaging capable of protecting them from damage. Even the transport should be special, so that from such cargo apartment moving just did not suffer.

4. Procurement of materials

To get things to their destination in one piece, you will need a variety of packaging. A basic set: boxes of different sizes, duct tape, scissors, and bubble wrap. For packing furniture and large appliances you’ll need corrugated cardboard, stretch film, and blocks of foam, for small items and broken things you’ll need plastic bags, foam and kraft paper, and vacuum bags for clothing and textiles. And don’t forget a marker to sign the boxes.

With this list, you can head to the hardware store or building supply store. If this option does not suit you, online stores and sites of moving companies will help. The number of boxes without experience is difficult to calculate, so estimate how many you will need, and take with a decent margin. Go over things again after you move.

There’s something pleasant, almost romantic, about getting rid of junk before you start your new life in your new home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep unpacking after the move. When you start unpacking, you’ll look at it differently and may want to get rid of anything that won’t fit in your new home.

How to unpack and organize space


Before you move belongings into your new apartment, it is important to protect corners, soffits, and floors with packing tape or bubble wrap to prevent damage to furniture and appliances. On your first day in your new apartment, we recommend that you unpack only what you need and not rush to open all the boxes at once. It is better to make a schedule of unpacking by zones, and in the end, do the general cleaning.

Valeria Sergeeva, the interior decorator and stylist, advises breaking the new apartment into two parts: buying the missing essentials and decorating the space. For each of them, you can make a detailed list with a timeline. That is, to start with identifying key items to buy in the first place, such as a bed, a dining table with chairs, or a sofa. And then you can do the decor – choose vases, rugs, bedside tables, chairs, coffee tables, and textiles.

We advise paying special attention to lighting. It is important that in each room there were several sources of light. In addition to the overhead spotlight or chandelier, buy floor lamps or table lamps. In the recreation area the light should be warm and diffused – about 2400-2700 Kelvin, and in the working area can be brighter and sharper light. Decorate the walls stylist advises paintings by young contemporary artists, posters, vintage plates, or drawings of children in frames.


5. Moving day

On moving day, you both may be a little irritable. This is perfectly normal: you are experiencing a mixture of strong emotions such as stress, anxiety, and excitement. In addition, you may be exhausted from packing all your belongings beforehand. Try, however, to see the positives – after all, this is a very important event in your life.

The more hands-on, the faster everything will happen. To avoid conflicts and unnecessary nerves, it is recommended to clearly divide the tasks.

In some cases, we move in a few cars of friends and relatives, in others, we resort to the services of qualified moving companies. Regardless of what you choose, you must clearly and specifically define the timing of the entire project.