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If you’re a ski enthusiast it always pays to know the best ski mountains. However, skiing is inherently dangerous because you’ll have to slide down snowy mountainsides at great speeds. So if you are going to ski on a specific mountain, you will need to know its history and find out if there are dangerous areas that you should be very careful at. Here are the top ten most dangerous ski mountains.

1. Great Scott

The Great Scott Ski trail is located at Snowbird, Utah, and is one of the most dangerous in the world. Although it is not the highest peak compared to other ski slopes, it is still a very daunting ski trail, because it is littered with a myriad of rock and debris.

They are predominantly covered by layers of snow, however, some rocks could jut out and provide you with a dangerous obstacle. This is extremely dangerous when you’re going downhill because you don’t know what you’ll run into until it’s too late. So if you are going to run down this course, you should make sure that you have the right gear.

Aside from your skis, it is important that you bring a good set of ski goggles. This will ensure that you will see clearly despite the incredible speeds and the amount of snow that you’ll have to ski over. When you get your ski goggles, it is important that you buy from a ski goggles supplier that you could trust like Do not compromise on the quality as this could impact your safety.

2. Delirium Drive

If you want a steep and intense ski run, you should try out Canada’s Delirium Drive. It is one of the most difficult runs in North America and poses a myriad of obstacles that will push your skiing skills to the limit. Its course’s main characteristic is that it is very steep and has a very unpredictable terrain. The ski run also has a panoramic view of the mountains that enhances the skiing experience. It is a perfect place for veteran skiers and snowboarders to hone their abilities.

3. Harakiri

The Austrian ski run called Harakiri is aptly named. It is virtually a suicide attempt to even go down this run. However, this has not stopped a determined few skiers to try their luck. What makes this mountain trail a daunting test, is that it is the steepest slope in all of Austria. This is no easy feat because Austria is famous for dangerous and difficult ski runs. If you are going to go down the Haraki run, you should have great control, because it is virtually impossible to stop once you get going. Combine this with the extremely cold weather conditions, and you have yourself one of the most terrifying skiing challenges you could ever undertake.

3. La Chavanette

This Swiss ski trail is called the wall, and for good reason. It is known for its very rapid descent and very cold climate. The ski run is also full of moguls, which makes it very treacherous and challenging to ride through. These conditions make this ski run a haven for expert skiers. However, beginner skiers and snowboarders should stay clear of this dangerous run

4. La Grave

The French ski run of La Grave is one of the most dangerous in Europe. In order to reach the top, you will have to climb for at least half an hour. This shows how high the mountain is. The mountain itself measures up tp 10,500 feet, and the run itself is not groomed. There is also the fact that there are no ski patrols in the area. These factors make La Grave an experts-only ski run.

5. Body Bag

Colorado’s most dangerous ski run is called the Body Bag, which is just about right. As its name implies, the run is extremely dangerous and scary. Going up the mountain, you’ll see that it is extremely steep. Not only that the slope is also peppered with trees. This vast number of trees and the very steep slopes make the Body Bag one of the most daunting skiing courses in the world.

6. Olympiabakken

Olympiabakken is a ski run that measures almost two miles long. This makes it the longest slope in all of Norway. The ski run is very famous for hosting the 1994 Winter Olympics and is known for causing a lot of skiing accidents. The ski run measures over 2,600 feet in elevation and has a myriad of steep sections.

7. Christmas Chute

The Alaskan Christmas Chute measures over 1000 feet, and it has a 50-degree pit. The slope is shaped like a diamond, and it is so high up, you will need to take a chair lift to reach its highest point, which measures around 2,800 feet. The run itself is very narrow and has a lot of jutting rocks all over the area.

8. Mad River Glen

The Mad River Glen located in Vermont has considered one of the most dangerous skis runs in the world. What makes it so dangerous, is the fact that its slopes are not developed. This means that there is a myriad of trees strewn all over the slope. There is also the fact that it has an 8-foot drop that leads onto a very steep slope that has never been grooved. Overall, this slope is an experts-only run.

10. The Saslong

The Saslong has considered one of the most dangerous skis runs in Italy. What makes this run so tricky is that it force you to make multiple jumps. Add this condition with the slope’s distance of 260 feet, and it is a dangerous ordeal for any skier. The Saslong is known for its dangerous terrain and is a very popular World Cup ski racing location


Skiing is an inherently dangerous activity, so before you go on a skiing trip to a particular ski resort or mountain resort, you should do your research first. With this list of dangerous ski mountains, you’ll know what dangers to expect.