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These days the most popular and in-demand way of sharing files online is via the cloud. The reason is simple – there are many advantages to doing things this way, with little to no drawbacks. People expect for cloud system to work without a fault regardless of circumstances, as millions of individuals and companies depend on everything going smoothly. While this is the case in most instances, this technology comes with security risks, like almost all things today do. This is why you need to have your eyes set on safety that would result in the efficiency of the process. If you read this article, you’ll see the four mistakes to avoid the online file-sharing services. Avoiding these four reasons is the safest route you can take, so please follow our advice.

Accessing Your Files from an Unprotected WiFi

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Doing this is easier said than done. There comes a time when the files need to be accessed or shared even when we left the safety and security of our homes or offices. It can happen that you are at your parents, or friend’s house or at a coffee shop, and the need to access some valuable files arises. Yes, it happens – sometimes the work can’t wait. Because of this, we let our guard down, disregarding the risks that this decision has with it. By doing this, you practically are inviting someone, in this case, hackers, to reach for your files. Logging onto public WI-FI is never a good idea, especially when you are doing this to look into your files from work. You probably heard about the increase in digital crime in recent years, so your actions can have severe consequences for you and the company you work for. Losing your job over a matter that can be prevented is not a smart life choice, so you better pay attention to what we write.

This is the primary reason why you need to be wary of the public Internet. But, if the situation requires you to do so, you can at least use verified platforms for file accessing and sharing such as FileWhopper, and keep yourself safe. Safety above all else should become your motto.

Giving Too Many Users Admin Privilege

To many people, in one place, and it’ll get crowded. You know how they say; two is a company, three is a crowd. This statement is true as they come, not only in real life but also on the Internet. Regarding file storage and sharing on the web, this also holds water, and you can never be too careful. If too many people have access to your files and can manage what you are doing, the chances are that you’ll sooner or later collide over something important. When you are issuing an admin permit, you should only give it to yourself or only to one person that will serve as your deputy. When more people have access to the same storage, the chances of a security breach are larger. Even if you are taking care of all safety issues like the one we wrote above is, you can never know if all of the people with access to your files do the same.

Sharing Data via an Unprotected Route After Downloading it Form a Protected Platform

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Every organization functions on the base of personnel collaboration. This is not a business practice; it is common sense. This is the primary reason why there are very few files that need to be stored or shared online that only had one person working on them. What this means that there would be data exchange between people working on the same document. This is where the issues can arise and cause trouble for everyone involved. People who pay little to no attention to safety and security often download files from a cloud platform, only to later share it via unprotected channels. These days it is not a smart decision to transfer essential files via e-mail or Skype, for example. While these are excellent communication platforms, in terms of security, they can be sub-par sometimes. Leave them for friends and family, and leave essential business files out of the equation. Hackers can easily feast on the information you would try to share via these channels and access your data while they’re on the route from one location to another.

Using Vulnerable Devices

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It’s no use if you have superior file-sharing technology in terms of software if your hardware is not up the task. One can not go without another, and you should have security on your mind when choosing both options. If one of these things is not up the task, the other one won’t function properly, and your files would be at risk regardless of your efforts.

This is why you need to equip your employees with the latest tech devices that are approved for safe file sharing. To do this is manageable within the company, but the issues can arise with outside contractors. If you have freelancers employed, then the case is that you probably can’t control what type of devices they are using. What you can do is to limit their access to files and lower their security clearance. If you fail to do this, more of your files stored on the same cloud can be compromised via malware or human error.


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Mistakes regarding online file sharing, saving, and storing are numerous and can happen to anyone of us at any given moment. Because of this, we took some of our time to share this article with you to pinpoint you the most common mistakes one can make. If you pay attention to these, you can notice some others and go around them altogether. We are open to listening to any suggestion you might have and add a thing or two to our list. As you see, we proposed some solutions for you if the need arises to reach for your files in an unprotected environment. Whatever may be, just be careful and stay safe.