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Are you a parent looking to make sure that your child gets the most out of their time practicing basketball? Maybe you are a coach looking to find a new way to approach your basketball practices? Or perhaps you are just a diligent basketball player who is trying to improve their game? Whatever your situation, this article will seek to help you find ways to make the most out of your time shooting hoops.

To successfully develop a well-rounded skill set in any sport or craft, it is important to break down the fundamentals and master them to reach your true potential. Mastery of the fundamentals will give you a strong base from which you can build up the rest of your basketball game. If you follow the steps in this article then you should see your game begin to improve over time, and you will begin to feel more confident on the court.

1. Conditioning

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To perform at your peak athletic ability you must be in shape and conditioned to play for a long time before tiring. This means that you should try to incorporate some kind of cardio or high-intensity training into your basketball practice sessions. This will give you more longevity on the court, allowing you to get an edge on your opponents and dominate the match. Some recommended cardio and conditioning exercises include skipping, running stairs, sprinting, and weight training. DO not limit yourself, and make sure that you have some variety in your workouts to achieve maximum results for your efforts.

2. Start Simple

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The best way to start any practice routine is by keeping it simple and focussing on the fundamentals. When practicing basketball this might look like doing some easy running and dribbling exercises to get the blood flowing and get your body in motion. Many players like to find a partner to practice some different passing exercises at varying distances and running at different speeds.

3. Shoot!

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The most important fundamental skill involved in basketball is the ability to be able to shoot the ball accurately to score points. To completely master the skill of shooting, you must spend hours standing at the net taking shots. To make this as accessible as possible, it is recommended that you try to get a net in your yard at home so that you can take shots whenever you want. If you are interested in getting a net for your yard, then we recommend consulting experts at Goalrilla to get information on different types of nets and practice setups. By doing some research and making sure you are aware of all the different resources and options, you will be better informed in your decision-making process when choosing a net. Do not limit yourself by relying on public nets that might be in bad shape, or see frequent use and get crowded. Take control of your practice and get serious to see results.

4. Increase Difficulty

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The real key to improvement in any endeavor is incrementally increasing the difficulty of the task that you are trying to get better at. This means that you could begin your shooting practice right at the net, and focus on getting a good solid shot from up close. As you begin to perfect the close shots, you can move further away from the net, thus increasing the difficulty of your shots incrementally. This will allow you to build confidence early on, and continue to build confidence, even as your shots become gradually more difficult. The same principle can be applied to virtually any practice technique, where you make the task more difficult, but start as easy and relaxed as possible. This will also help you to build efficiency in your playing.

5. Practice Plays

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After you have worked out all of the kinks in your fundamentals of basketball, it is time to start putting it all together. This means that if you have some teammates then you can practice running some plays. By creating new strategies you will help your court vision and keep your opponents on their toes by always having a new play to use if they figure out what you’re currently doing.

6. Work on Fakes

By incorporating fakes and steps into your practice routine, then you will be much better equipped to execute them on the actual court during a game. Start by picking one or two moves that you like and master them until they feel effortless. Once you have become comfortable with a couple of fakes you can begin to incorporate more variety and difficulty into the fakes that you learn. This will give you a large repertoire of different moves that you can bust out on the court, keeping your opponents guessing at what you will do next.

7. Play with Intensity

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To maximize the efficacy of your practice time you must make sure that you practice with the same intensity that you would use in a game. This will help your body to get used to the real demands of playing the sport at a high level, elevating the baseline standard of your playing. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

8. Have Fun!

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The most important thing that you should strive for when practicing any sport is to have fun. The more you can enjoy practicing then the easier it will be to see huge improvements. This is because you will not have to force yourself to shoot hoops or go for a run. You will begin to crave your practice and feel guilty when you skip out.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different ways in which you can maximize your basketball practice time. By making sure that you are keeping track of what exactly you do while practicing, versus blindly practicing and goofing off, you will find that you are getting better at a much faster rate than previously. The time has come for you to reach your full potential and become the leading point scorer on your team. Use these helpful tips and you will be well on your way.