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Life is all about surprises, and sometimes you will find them in the most unexpected places. We are all used to seeing plenty of bombshell results in sports games and events. This is because we all know that no matter which sports league we follow, predictably at some point in the year there is bound to be a strange turn of events. Maybe WBA beat Wolves in the Premier League or an amateur golfer beats mighty Tiger Woods!

In short, a surprise win by an underdog beating the favorite, or a 100 to 1 horse finishing first, are all rare occasions that we have all come to expect in sports. In fact, we have seen this scenario play out so often that it is often underwhelming as opposed to being the shocking surprise we really want it to be—just more gossip for grapevine.

However, it seems the sports betting market has a few more surprises hidden up its sleeves. This is not the surprise results or out-of-place odds with obscure margins. If you dig deep into any sportsbook, you will also find a range of surprising and obscure betting markets!

Cutting Through the Noise Digs Up Some Obscure Markets!
It turns out there are more than just sports bets available at some large bookmakers, and you could be forgiven for missing them.

We are so used to seeing Premier League football and cricket odds advertised with free bets and bonus offers, and the buildup to huge horse racing events like the Cheltenham Cup or Dubai World Cup taking up the lion’s share of an online sports book’s front page, we often miss some of the other betting markets out there. And when we say ‘other’ betting markets, we mean surprisingly strange betting opportunities available, and not all of them are sports.

If you dig a little deeper and look past the featured main events the sportsbook wants you to notice, you will discover an array of alternative betting markets available that are rather surprising, and if you are looking for the best odds on these markets because more than one site offers odds, then sites such as oddsmanager will help.

Below are some of those strange markets you can place a bet on:

1. Proof That Intelligent Life On Another Planet Will Come Out

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It comes as a surprise to see that there is the opportunity to place a bet on the fact that intelligent life on another planet will someday be discovered. With the Hubble telescope now out there and discovering new planets every week, the odds are actually getting shorter on these bets meaning that there is someone on the sportsbooks weighing up the chances that one day one our space many space missions will uncover alien life! A crazy job and a wild bet, but who knows, never say never!

2. Kim Jong Un

The North Korean leader is so power-hungry he has managed to get his own markets on some of the larger sportsbooks. You can stake when he will cease leading the very strange Republic of North Korea, and how long he will stay in power. You can even place a bet on his sister taking over the reins.

Now before you jump in and place any cash or crypto down on this betting market, just remember how secretive North Korea is and the ludicrous stories that come out of this small nation. Bearing this in mind, this bet is likely as volatile as staking all your money on cryptocurrency.

3. When The World Will End

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This is by far the craziest and most surprising betting market of them all, and hold your breath, because the odds were as high as 500-1 for the world to end by 2019. Well, that didn’t happen, and before we finish, yes we hear what you are thinking. If the world ends, how would you collect on this bet anyway? Seems like an obscure but fun bet to place, but one you are unlikely to collect if you win. Who knows, maybe the internet will survive while mankind doesn’t and the betting site will auto credit your account!

4. The British Royal Family

This is one of the most hilarious betting markets we have come across. Well, the above 3 are also pretty funny, but taking bets on the royal family? All jokes aside, these bets really do exist. You can bet on ‘Harry and Megan losing their royal statuses’, ‘how long Queen Elizabeth will remain as Queen’, ‘will Prince Harry become king and not his dad’, and one of the most hilarious gossips driven markets to wager is ‘Will Megan and Kate ever be friends?. Truly shocking while at the same time hilarious!

5. The Pope’s Successor

Last on this very entertaining list of weird and wonderful betting markets probably won’t shock you because by now you have seen it all! There are several odds surrounding the Catholic church which give those that want to bet on religion the chance to predict who will succeed the current Pope Francis. You may also like a punt at whether the currency pope will become the longest or shortest reigning pope. For some, this market goes completely against Catholicism, while for others, such as bookies, it’s all fun and games and done in jest.

Should You Bet On Any of These Markets?

If you happen to be a person that enjoys sports betting and you feel like a fun bet that will not offend anyone, then by all means. Or maybe not the bet that allows you to take odds on the end of the world, while all the others are fair game. Betting on finding intelligent life on another planet is certainly worth a shot with odds of around 2,000 to 1. Not bad, and while you are at it, if you can hitch a ride with aliens when the world as we know it ends, then you could collect here too!