The world of entertainment seems to gravitate to the online experience. You’ve got streaming platforms that you can access on your TV, phone, computer, or laptop and you’ve got online games. The latter is a contribution from the world of gaming and when you look at the current trends it seems game providers are producing online titles.

The iGaming industry doesn’t fall short on that account as it has online casino sites. In other words, casino players can enjoy their favorite games on sites that specialize in casino games. Some are native to certain countries while others cater to players internationally. Others will even go over sites and suggest potential ones to players. One such site is

However, when it comes to gaming there are still providers that put the time and effort to create single-player games. By doing so, they are making a case for these kinds of games, regardless of the genre, they belong to. There are still superb single-player games available despite the tendency for players to enjoy online titles.

These single-player titles serve as a reminder of what the industry was once ago and they state that single-player games should not be forgotten. They might be endangered, but they certainly aren’t obsolete. And there are several arguments to support that statement.

1. Stories Make Players Stick To Games


Online games are rarely fitted with a story. If they are, it serves to give you some kind of introduction to the class or category of your character. The story is an element that single-player games offer and when compared to online ones they gain the upper hand in that regard.

A good story will hook a player to a game. Just think of games like Dragon Age Origins or Assassin’s Creed II. The former example will give you 3 different starting story arcs depending on the class you pick. They ultimately seep into the same story, but it’s nice to know you can start a game differently.

The latter example will give you a young and confused protagonist that enters into the world of the Assassins which mirrors you as a player as you are new to that world and you’re learning just as the protagonist is learning.

These kinds of stories are good because they immerse the player into the game. But some might argue that RPGs must have a good story to prosper in the world of gaming, and they won’t be entirely wrong. Contrary to that, good stories can be found in FPS titles as well.

The Modern Warfare franchise is one such example. You’ll get to meet compelling characters that you’ll trust with your life as you’re thrust from one battle to the next. This mirrors the situation in the military and is designed to bond you and the characters quickly. This happens frequently in combat which is why each store comes with a dose of realism, although it’s in a simulated environment.

2. Graphics and Gameplay May Win, but Not Always


Smooth gameplay is king when it comes to making a good game. This is a must for any producer. On the other hand, you have visuals that may convince a player to play a game. Stunning graphics are elements of a good online and single-player game. But this isn’t always the case.

As proof, you can look into old video games that are still popular today. One such example would be Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Rome: Total War.

These games came out a while ago which means their graphics are clunky when compared to modern masterpieces in terms of visuals. But they win over new players to this day which is why they have a growing fan base.

Certain elements make them appealing and these aren’t limited to the graphics and gameplay. In the case of KOTOR, you can create a character, like in any other RPG, and you’ll get to talk and interact with NPCs.

However, when talking to them you can find a peaceful resolution or turn to talk into a fight. By doing so, you’re slowly taking your character to the light or dark side of the Force which will incline you to the Sith or the Jedi and reveal the light or dark ending of the game.

In other words, you control the way the game ends which is something that many modern games don’t do nowadays.

3. The Overall Experience – The Merging of the Elements


When you have all the elements in mind then you’ll get a complete understanding of why single-player games are still popular today. As per the previous entries, this is best illustrated with an example. One game that combines all the elements of an excellent single-player game is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The game came out in 2015 and is one of the best games of all time. The studio behind it is CD Projekt Red, a Polish studio, that nailed all the elements of a good game. There were 2 previous titles, but they weren’t as good as the third one.

The story is what captivates the player they step into the shoes of Geralt. You’ll be looking for your daughter Ciri and on the way, you’ll get to complete all sorts of quests as the game is set in a virtual Slavic world filled with creatures from Slavic mythology.

Each quest is a story and is nothing like the previous ones. The visuals still hold true when compared to modern games and your choices in dialogue and actions will determine how the game ends. In summary, you’ll get a game that looks good, plays smoothly, and puts you in charge of the ending. It takes you for a ride and doesn’t hinder you when you’re on your way to completing a quest.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and other superb games make a case for single-player games. They aren’t obsolete, they focus on quality and delivering a unique gaming experience.