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The feeling of purchasing a new car after a lot of research and wait is something people look forward to. The satisfaction it brings to look at the new car in the garage is unbeatable. For people who are into off-road travels and classic vehicles, Jeep is like an all-time favorite vehicle.

It is a fact that a Jeep is extremely easy to modify according to various needs and requirements. New Jeep owners often get baffled with the modifications to make on the vehicle. This happens not because they don’t know what modifications to make but there is a lot to choose from.

The modifications of Jeeps that are available are undeniable and work wonderfully to enhance the vehicle’s performance. Not everyone who owns a Jeep uses it for the same purpose. People have different requirements and so they need different modifications as per the various conditions.

Jeep modifications are proven to be cost-effective and they work to enhance the performance of the vehicle. It is natural for new jeep owners to get confused with what modifications to go for. So, today we will discuss some Jeep modifications that Jeep owners should consider.

1. Entry Guards

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The door frame often does not have any protection. It is the most vulnerable area which does not have any sort of protection for the paint or to prevent scratches. The gas tank of your vehicle has a skid plate that protects the part from apparent harm. However, your entry door does not have any protection.

With an entry guard, you can protect the lower door area from possible damage. The entry guards for a Jeep are very easy to install without any hassle. They are either made of metals like aluminum or steel or they are made of thermoplastics. Irrespective of the material, their job is to protect the door frame area.

2. Grab Handles

Jeep owners or SUV owners have a clear idea of the handles that are present above the passenger side. It is when these bulky vehicles take a sharp turn or the roads are very bumpy, these grab handles are a savior. In a vehicle like Jeep on the off-road travels, most of us need support to hang in there while on the rough tracks.

Once you install the grab handles, you will definitely feel like why aren’t they pre-installed. Grab handles are available at a wide range of prices from high to low. One can get good quality grab handles at a very affordable price. They are available in a variety of materials from basic nylon plastic handles to strong heavy-duty handles. Good grab handles are important when it comes to off-road trips.

3. Bumpers

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One may wonder why would anyone consider getting new bumpers as a modification when the Jeep already has front bumpers. The thing is these bumpers that come out of the factory are not that strong to handle the bad excursions and bumps. They are designed to withstand the minor bumps that may not support you in constant off-road travel or even normal travel if the road is too bumpy.

If you are one of those who love to go for off-road travel and use your Jeep for that purpose, you have to get your bumpers modified. There are strong and robust heavy-duty bumpers that can withstand bad excursions and travel through rough roads. Bumpers are available in different styles that you can choose from.

4. Floor Liners

When you purchase a new car, you certainly don’t want to spoil it with all the outside dirt. Well, what are you going to do about the dust and debris that comes along your feet when you enter the car? Especially when you are on off-road travels, you cannot help with the dust and dirt at all. This is why you need floor liners to keep the floor of your vehicle in a good condition.

There are a variety of floor liners that are available out there. These floor liners will help to protect your vehicle floor in all weathers whether it is rain, mud, or snow. The materials used for floor liners are designed such that they provide protection throughout your Jeep. Jeep owners can choose anything from carpeted to heavy-duty floor liners.

5. LED Lights

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The LED lights are one of the most important modifications for any Jeep owner. New Jeep owners won’t know the light intensity of the light that is rendered from the factory. Until you get good powerful LED lights, you won’t understand how dim or low-powered the factory lights are. With a LED light modification, you can avail double the intensity of the factory lights.

For the ones who enjoy traveling in the night time, LED lights are a must for them. There are also a variety of options in the LED lights that either look very similar to the factory lights or even some which give your vehicle a better appearance. Many good quality lights are available on sources like Mjsoffroad. New Jeep owners should definitely go for a LED light modification.

6. Interior Storage

Even though the Jeep is a bulky vehicle, it would come to your surprise that there is actually little space inside the vehicle. If your Jeep is a 4 door model then you would probably have a little more room than the 2 door model. It makes the interior storage modification to be very effective.

Those who are already Jeep owners know very well what we are talking about. For the new Jeep owners, you can find good space to keep your necessary things in that extra space. These storages also come with locks which make them safe and at the same time add up to the space that you get in your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

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These were some of the modifications that we feel new Jeep owners should consider for their vehicle. There are many more modifications that one can choose from corresponding to the requirements. The modifications we have mentioned are those which are important irrespective of how you are going to use your car. If you feel like there is something that we might have missed out on or have any questions about it, feel free to shoot in the comments section.