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Blogging is one of the best-preferred online earning methods by students and professionals across the globe. How to improve blog traffic effectively so as to enhance profits in businesses? This is a common question that can be heard from newcomers in the internet marketing field. Following certain tips, while doing internet marketing promotions can help the businesses to achieve great profits within a short period of time. The following are 10 proven strategies to increase your blog’s traffic by 110%.

1. Promote blog with social media

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Increasing the popularity of blog plays a vital role in promoting traffic to the websites. The popularity of the blog can be increased by following various parameters like promoting link building and social media optimization. Link building in the site can be made easier with transcription software. Links to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are added to the blog to get sufficient audiences to promote sales from the websites.

A wide range of popularity within a short period of time is one of the main advantages of introducing social media optimization in online businesses. At present, small to large sizes of businesses are making use of social media strategies to promote their businesses. The price strategy assigned by social media marketing services generally varies as per the experiences of the company and its quality level. More Facebook likes can grab more targeted audiences to ensure a sufficient number of sales from business websites.

2. Write better titles

Title provided for the content plays an important role in improving the number of customers to the online business sites. Today, you can find many online software programs to find better titles for your website content. Hence you can seek the help of software options to find a unique title for the content published on the site.

3. Include photos

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Unique photos added to the website content written with transcription software can help the site administrators to grab a leading position in the search page results. Images are edited so as to fill the required space on the site. To get better results make sure that the added photos are unique and of high quality as per the need. You can make use of software programs to resize the images so that it is unique and of high quality.

4. add subtitles to the video

Adding video with subtitles provided using transcription software to the site can help the site owners in obtaining the best place in the search page results. At present, Audext is one of the best programs used by people doing transcription works from the home. The audio-to-text feature included in this software option can help the user to complete their work within a short period of time. It can provide then a high return on investment value by saving time and by improving the productivity in work.

5. Incorporate keywords

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Keyword optimization is one of the important parameters considered while creating a website. At present, you can find several online programs like keyword generators to create sufficient keywords to promote the popularity of your website. Keyword optimization can help the site owners to enhance the number of targeted audiences from the list. Long-tail keywords are found to be very effective in building more audiences. At present, the majority of the marketing experts suggest long-tail keywords using transcription to promote their websites.

6. Add social sharing buttons

When you do research online, you can find that the majority of the popular and top leading websites are provided with social sharing buttons. Easier access to the concerned page is one of the main advantages of putting the social media buttons on the websites. Social media sharing of the needed data can promote the popularity of the required page quickly without investing a large amount of money. At present, you can find many services to apply to businesses by ensuring more Facebook likes and Twitter shares. Adding social sharing buttons with text using transcription software is found to be very effective and can be easily done without any technical knowledge.

7. Invest in promotion

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At present, you can find many newbies in the online marketing field asking for a new solution to promote their businesses. Investing a sufficient amount of money in promoting online businesses can provide results as per the experiences and as per the quality of the service. For example, when you are planning to promote your business by investing in social media strategies, then make sure that the selected social media marketing services own experiences to meet your demands. Social media links can be added using transcription software on the sites. A wide range of experiences is one of the main parameters checked before selecting any one of the social media strategies from the directory list. At present, you can also make use of some comparison sites to know the experience level of the selected social media marketing services.

8. Publish quality content

Promoting the website to obtain a leading position in the search page results may not be an easy task without publishing quality content on the site. Today, you can find many freelance writers online to provide you unique content using the audio-to-text transcription. Ensuring the quality of the content and making sure that it is published with sufficient quantity can help the sites to grab a leading position in the search page results. At present, you can also make use of software options to check the Plagiarism and Copyscape so that the content published on the site is of unique and of high quality.

9. Ensure the reliability

The reliability of the site is found to be very beneficial to gain more customers. Always make sure that you had created an about us page with the contact details and call to as an option using voice-to-text software to ensure the reliability of the service. To obtain more customers, make sure that the site is hosted within a trustworthy service with a wide range of experiences.

10. Frequent blogging

As per studies, frequent blogging by typing using transcription service is found to be very effective in enhancing the number of customers to the sites. Pinging blogs and promoting the popularity of businesses can enhance more sales and profits from the websites. To achieve the best results, feel free to register the company details in Google Maps. It can ensure more traffic to the blog and can promote businesses across the globe.