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There are many reasons why you may want to improve your athletic performance. Getting in shape for the new year can be a huge factor, but there are other factors too. Maybe you are tired of getting terribly exhausted after only two flights of stairs. Maybe you are getting a job where you have to keep going back and forth and your current stamina will not uphold. You could also just be doing it for the sake of getting better at the gym and being able to stay there longer. Whatever your driving factor may be, getting into shape and increasing your stamina are never bad needs or wants. How you get there is where the problem lies; instead of overexerting yourself and going on insane diets, read on to find healthy tips to improve your overall athletic performance.

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

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Always eat a healthy breakfast! You may not realize just how much a healthy breakfast will do for you. Not only will it give you the necessary nutrients you need for the day, but it will also give you enough energy to go on about your day. Many people skip breakfast as they are not hungry when they wake up, but they find themselves fatigued come midday or ravenous come nightfall. Overeating at night can be troubling for some people and many experts suggest that it is a common cause of weight gain. Eat a nutritious breakfast in the morning that will suit your lifestyle, be it fruits, an omelet, yogurt with oats, or anything that will fill you up.

2. Always Drink Water

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You will read this everywhere! Any fitness or health article that you come across will most likely tell you that one of the most essential things you need to do to increase your athletic performance is to drink water. Of course, too much water can be an issue too, but there are many websites online that will let you know how much water intake your body needs for its weight and height. Many times, we confuse sugar cravings with thirst as the latter presents itself in a molten chocolate form sometimes! If you have a sugar craving, opt for a glass or two of water and see if the craving subsides. Water will also decrease constipation, reduce headaches, and generally get you super energized throughout the day.

3. Do Not Shy Away from Supplements

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Many doctors state many health warnings about supplements, but it just depends on the type of supplements that you do take. Many healthy and natural supplements will merely boost your progress just a little, especially if you feel like you have plateaued. There are specialized blogs that will help you understand the different types of supplements and the effect they will have on your body. If you visit this blog, you can see how different supplements interact with the activity you are doing. For instance, if you are planning on building muscle, then protein supplements may be a great boost for that.

4. Wake Up Early and Stretch

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Too little sleep will make you exhausted, and too much sleep brings about wanting even more sleep! The more you sleep the more that inertia will stop you from getting up and going about your day. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep that ranges from seven to nine hours to wake up refreshed. As soon as you are up, try to stretch, as your muscles do relax when you are sleeping but not enough for a good workout. Stretching is crucial at all times, whether you are going to the gym, running, or relaxing at home. It helps your posture and prevents any injuries that could occur from sore or tense muscles. It also relaxes and eases your mind, which is always a great way to start your day.

5. Be Careful with Sugars

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Simple sugars, or monosaccharides, should not be a huge component in your diet. Blocking them completely is not great either as a balance is what you should be aiming for. Simple sugars are glucose, fructose, and galactose, and they include foods that are high in carbohydrates. Anything such as cakes, candy, bread, soda, and juices all digest extremely quickly. They give you a surge of energy yet digest too quickly and leave you famished. Fruits, which are high in fructose take longer to digest, but can still give you a surge in energy. Do your research and make sure you do not have any food intolerances and format your diet accordingly.

6. Do Anything

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There will always be days when you do not feel like getting out of bed. If you are exhausted, then don’t force yourself to do anything too extreme. We all have days when we are feeling too tired or lackadaisical to be productive or follow our normal routine. In those days we usually opt for jumping into our routine regardless or not doing anything at all. Instead of either option, go for something in the middle. If your normal routine is to go for an hour run and half an hour in the gym, go for a 30-minute walk and 20 minutes in the gym. If you are feeling too lazy to go to the gym, then just take a walk around the block. Doing anything is better than nothing at all.

The most important tip when you are starting a healthy lifestyle, in general, is to not put pressure on yourself. Putting pressure on yourself will cause you to lose focus from the main goal and focus on the day-to-day routine in an unhealthy and unnatural manner. Many times, people will create a timeline for themselves and expect to see results much sooner than possible. Each body type is different and what is possible for others may not be possible for you and vice versa. Take things at your own pace and do not try to rush your progress. After all, your end goal should be to get to optimal health, and pushing yourself is a step backward.