Playing online poker, like many other types of virtual games, is a great activity that can take up many hours of your day. But, being a very repetitive activity, it is possible that you could end up getting bored of the same steps after a couple of games. After all, the steps are all the same: the dealer draws the cards, everyone makes their moves and the chips make their way around the table passing from one player to another.

If you’re tired of the same old thing when it comes to online poker, don’t quit the game and say goodbye to it. Instead there are many things you can do to spice things up. Check out several ways in which you can make your online poker games more enjoyable.

1. Set Up a Webcam to See Other Players


One of the best ways to add some flavor and fun to your online poker games, such as sbobet88, is to include a webcam for you and the whole group. There are plenty of online tools in which you and your friends can log in while you log in while you start a fiery competition. What makes it more fun than regular online poker?

One thing’s to imagine the loser of the group, but nothing beats seeing their reaction on camera when you win. To set up proper online poker manners, always make sure that all players are aware of the cameras being used, this way no one has the chance to cheat.

2. Use Free Poker Money


Some people often say they don’t enjoy online poker or any type of betting because they fear greatly losing their hard-earned money. One of the best ways to add more fun to an online poker game is to remove the risk of using real money by using free poker money.

You just need to create an account and take advantage of the free credits awarded to you in order to get started. If you’re smart enough and recommend your friends you can even make more real money for you to start betting on more exciting games.

3. Play Poker on Social Formats


As you may know, there are plenty of formats in which you can organize an online poker game for you and your friends. Now, probably the easiest format to play is the no-limit Texas Hold’em, but if you go for more social, inclusive or even dynamic formats you’ll have more chances of having better fun.

Other social and popular formats that are a bit more active are the Pot-Limit Omaha, the Seven-Card Stud, the Razz, the Omaha Hi-Lo, the 2-7 Triple Draw, the Five-Card Draw, the Chinese Poker, the HORSE, or even the ultra-original Badugi.

4. Make Side Bets Once in a While


You don’t need to stick to the main bet when it comes to online poker. There are plenty of things that are happening at the same time and one way to spice up your game is to place side bets with other players in order to have more to win, or lose.

You can place a bet on the color of the first card on the flop or over or under betting on the ranking of the card. You can place side bets with one player to see which one of you lasts longer in the game, or place a classic 7-2 game where you collect some side pot money for bluffing then showing. Another classic side bet is to place a bounty on one of the players to see which one of the other players finally busts them.

5. Create a Leaderboard for You and Your Friends


Here’s where you really start to spice things up and finally decide once and for all who’s the best player of the group. By creating a leaderboard, you’ll keep close track of everyone’s numbers, and it gives everyone a chance to brag about their wins. Some online poker platforms have automatic leaderboards so you don’t have to keep track manually, but if the site you use doesn’t have it you can also use third-party apps or even something as simple as a Google Sheet.

If you’d like to make things even more interesting, you can all settle on a trophy or prize for the end of the league so the winner gets it.

6. Play Paint Poker


Do you feel like you’re playing the same old game all the time? Shake things up and wake your competitors up by proposing a more “colorful” game of paint poker. This poker format is supposed to increase strength if winning hands by adding two more jacks, queens, kings and aces into the simple deck.

By adding more “paint” cards in the deck, you increase the chances of getting a set, triplets, quads and more composed games. This game includes bigger hands, thus bigger and more exciting beats. We have no doubt that paint poker will shake things up and keep all of the players on their toes trying to win.

7. Go for the Less Desirable Decisions to Shake Things Up


When it comes to online poker, everybody wants to “play it safe” in order to have a secured win, but what if you went a different way? If you want to make your game more enjoyable and freak the other players out, try to make moves and create games that aren’t as expected or even riskier for you. Sure, your chances of losing could be greater but if you’re not playing for real money and just for fun it’ll definitely serve its purpose. Sometimes playing it safe is less interesting than going all the way with bold moves.

8. Do Side Activities While Playing Poker


While it is true that you need to be focused while playing online poker if you want to win, it’s also true that, especially on particularly long games, sometimes you can end up getting bored of the slow rhythm. If you and your group are trying to shake things up and wake up try enjoying some side games or activities while you play. You can throw darts, shoot some pool or even play video games simultaneously and even have more bets to make things more interesting while the next hand begins.

Now that you know some of the many ways in which you can add some spice to your plain old online poker games, you only have to pick one option and start making things interesting for you and your regular poker crew.