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If you are looking for a cat repellent, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of options available out there. There are literally hundreds of options, however, there are a few that actually can help you with your problem. If you are wondering what is a good cat repellent, you are reading the right article. In the text below, you will learn about the best cat repellents available, as well as how and why to choose them. Let’s take a closer look:

1. An Ultrasonic Sound Device

If you already did some digging, you might know that the most common cat repellent is an ultrasonic sound wave device. They come in 2 common types either battery-powered or solar-powered, and they will repel cats and other pests with a high-pitched noise. One of the best things about this device is that it does not harm the animals in any way. However, if you opt for a battery-powered one, make sure that you buy one with a battery indicator since it will be impossible to know when the device is out of juice. This happens mostly because the sound it produces cannot be heard by the human ear, hence, you will have no way of knowing when you need to replace the batteries. This is one of the most common reasons people opt for solar-powered ones.

2. Repellent Sprays

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If you are looking for a different repellent, sprays can also be a good choice for getting rid of unwanted cats. They contain scents that cats despise like lavender or lemon. One bottle is usually enough to cover a typical garden, and the smell will stay on for days. If you opt for a spray cat repellent always check the label and make sure that it is made from natural chemicals and products. If there are some dangerous chemicals it can cause serious problems for the cat including hair loss and rashes. Always use the best deterrents and repellents for cats. You can find more about this on

3. Repellent Plants

If you do not want to purchase devices or sprays for repelling cats, you can opt for planting cat repelling plants. There are specific plants that cats absolutely hate and by planting them in specific areas of your garden, you can keep the cats away from those areas. The plants that cats hate include curry plants, rosemary, as well as the previously mentioned ones, lavender and citrus plants.

4. Chicken Wire and Netting

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If there is something that plants hate stepping on it is chicken wire and netting. Covering your homegrown vegetables with netting can deter the cat from stepping on them, but at the same time provides enough light and growth space for the plant. Keep in mind that you should not use chicken wire on your plants, but, placing them around the plants is a good idea. Chicken wire will not hurt the cat’s paws but will instead create an uncomfortable feeling for them.


As you can see, there are various options for repelling cats from your garden. All of these options will not hurt the cats, but simply deter them from going into your garden. Hence, now that you know what the most efficient products for repelling cats are, do not waste any more time and start searching for one that will help you with your issue. To learn more about this topic, visit this website