Disasters are an unfortunate part of life that everyone must deal with. Many times, disaster strikes when we least expect it, and the results can be catastrophic. When dealing with a disastrous event that threatens to uproot your life and your livelihood, you often turn to your insurance company for help.

After all, they claim to be like a good neighbor and ensure that you’re in good hands. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Like any other profit-driven company, insurance companies exist to make money. And they do that at least in part by denying insurance claims.

There are many reasons you may need to partner with a property insurance attorney, who will be looking out for your best interests. It’s not uncommon to overlook details, suffer physical injury, or accept an unfair settlement offer after a disastrous event.

People get busy and often set in their ways. When terrible disastrous events threaten the livelihood of our existence, it’s only natural to attempt to right the ship as quickly as possible. Many times, this means selling yourself short. Luckily, the best property insurance attorneys know how to help.

Here’s how a great property insurance attorney can help with your claim.

Help Prevent Lowball Settlement Offers


One of the ways insurance companies increase their profits is by getting claimants to accept less than the amount they are due. This is a common practice in the industry and, unfortunately, it has become the standard. When a claim has been properly filed and the insurance company understands that it will have to pay, they often start out making the lowest possible offer they can justify.

Partnering with an established property insurance attorney can help ensure the settlement offers made to you are fair and at least cover the amount you are due. Insurance companies understand that property insurance attorneys are well-versed in the law, and they will fiercely represent their client’s interests. It is often more cost-effective for insurance companies to make fair settlement offers to clients who have retained a property insurance attorney.

Partial Claims Payment


Again, it is not uncommon for an insurance company to deny a portion of a claim when they can’t deny the entire thing. This is another common loophole they use to save money and widen their profit margin. The reasons for partial payments may range from improper wording or documentation to the need for filing a separate claim or some sort of claimant action, depending on the circumstances.

Retaining a property insurance attorney ensures your insurance company must treat you fairly during the claims process. They will usually skip devaluing the claim or asserting that the policyholder somehow voided the coverage with their actions. The best attorneys who are experienced in the industry understand how to overcome the common tactics used by insurance companies to prevent paying claims in full.

Low Chance of Claim Denial


Insurance claims are often denied for legitimate reasons but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes the insurance company just denies a claim without giving a reason, while other times they assert that a claim is excluded from coverage. They may even attempt to assert that a policyholder’s actions voided coverage as a reason to deny paying the claim.

Working with a skilled property insurance attorney ensures these attempts to avoid paying claims are in vain. The right attorney has specialized experience in this field and understands how insurance companies work. They know all the special tricks and loopholes used to avoid paying rightful claims to policyholders. Your attorney will use their unique skills and industry knowledge to ensure your claim is paid in full in a reasonable time frame.

Consider Partnering with a Property Insurance Company Today

Just like any other attorney you may hire, a property insurance attorney will represent your interests when you need them most. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize the need for a property insurance attorney.

These specialized lawyers come to the rescue after a natural disaster, utility disaster, burglary, vandalism, and more. They help ensure your legitimate property insurance claims are processed in a timely fashion and paid in full. Insurance companies often avoid low-balling offers and denying claims when dealing with a specialized attorney.

Don’t leave your claim payment up to chance. Partner with an experienced property insurance attorney today.