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Kids are connected to phones and computers and this is also the most common thing they consider fun. Playing games is something they can’t get bored with. Many of them become addicted to it, too.

Although it has been scientifically proven that playing games have a positive effect on a child’s development, it also has a negative one. Scientists say that children who play games have a better eye for detail and can react faster and make better decisions. However, there are also many downsides. Over time, children begin to live a virtual life, forgetting about the real world, friends, and even the need for sleep and food. The addiction itself develops very quickly.

Anyway, there are many better ways for a child and a parent to participate in some of them at the same time. We bring you some suggestions on how to separate the child from the screen.

Cycling and rollerblading

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Rollerblading or biking can be great fun for the whole family. This is one of the ways to spend quality time together, and a little physical activity will come in handy for you and your family. Bring snacks and juices and when you see a nice place to relax, stop, relax, and enjoy together. Visit Fixthephoto to look through some tips and tricks for taking photos and recording videos using a GoPro camera.

After a day spent in nature and riding a bike, both you and your children will be tired, but satisfied and we believe that games will not be on their minds. A few years ago, the hoverboard was invented and became a favorite “toy” for children and teenagers around the world. While it may be a little more expensive, don’t hesitate to afford it for a child because you know you’re doing something useful with it. Riding is a form of physical activity, and it also helps in proper posture and balance.

Start a sports competition

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Divide into teams and play your favorite sport, whether it’s volleyball, tennis, football, or something else. Also, you can organize games without borders. Imagine you are a ninja warrior and you need to cross certain obstacles in your backyard.

Divide into pairs, tie your left leg for your partner’s right, and organize a race, organize eating cream without hands. We guarantee that your children’s faces will be dirty and happy. You can be creative in this, and also find a lot of ideas on various sites. So, make the best of the internet.

Board games

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Another way to spend a nice day with the kids is to play board games or have the kid play them with friends. There are many of them today, from monopoly and risk to chess. The positive thing about these games is that they last a long time, so be sure that your child will enjoy playing one of them for hours.

Another advantage of board games is that they improve concentration and motor skills. Chess is the winner in this regard. This is also a great way to connect with your child or to have a small talk. It is interesting and useful that offers you various folding boards, so you can enjoy in any place you want. There are many health benefits to playing chess, and some of them are exercising both sides of the brain.

It has been scientifically proven that chess players use both hemispheres of the brain equally. Also, it helps to prevent Alzheimer disease. Like muscles, the brain should be also trained. Scientists confirmed that playing chess in younger ages prevents dementia after the age of 75.

Play karaoke

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Organize karaoke. Even those who don’t know how to sing will accept this game, because it’s important to have fun, not to show off your skills. You can also organize a music quiz so that one mumbles a song and the others try to guess which one it is. These games will bring you a lot of fun.

Also, playing music chairs can be a lot of fun. Arrange in a circle one chair less than the participant number and play music. At the end of the music, each player must sit down. The one left without chair loses.

Spend a day in nature

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Try hiking, go to the adventure park, have a barbeque in the yard, go to the forest, or visit a beautiful river with waterfalls nearby. A day in nature will make you remember loving the world around us. They can also play various games, such as hide and seek, or to be little explorers.

Buy a pet

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Pet care is usually taken care of by the parents. If your child has shown a desire to have a dog, cat, or at least a fish, afford it to him. But let him know that he will have to take care of the pet, feed it, take it for a walk, and even take a bath. Taking care of another will teach him some kind of responsibility, but it will also “steal” some of the time he would spend playing games. Smart, isn’t it?

Reading time

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Children need to be given an example because they do what they see from you, not what you tell them they need to. If you don’t detach yourself from the phone, chances are high that your child will do the same. Therefore, be aware of this and be a role model for your child. Make reading a book at bedtime your routine. In this way, children will calm down and fall asleep faster with a story and a cup of warm milk.

Learn to play some instrument

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Enroll your child in a music school or organize private lessons for him. This is a really useful thing that you will do for your child, and we believe that it will be interesting for him to learn the notes and play his favorite song on the guitar. Of course, this requires a lot of practice, which is another reason not to play games for long.

Don’t pay attention to it if your child does not show interest in any of your ideas at the beginning, give him time. Once he decides to try it, he will realize that real life is much more beautiful than virtual.