No matter how long you’ve been in the construction business, your primary goal has most likely not changed. And that’s to make as much profit as possible by doing the work but also saving wherever possible.

Did you know one of the top ways to save money is by opting for the mobile crane hire Melbourne companies to feel so adamant about? Whether you’re hiring a crane, cherry picker, or even power tools, there’s no denying the many advantages that go along with it.

Superior Reasons Why Hiring is Almost Always Better

If your next project requires machinery that your organization doesn’t already own, you might already be doing the math of buying the unit vs renting it. But for the average jobs around most construction sites, it almost always makes more sense to hire machinery. If you’re still on the fence about it, our guidelines will help you decide if renting is the best option for you.

1. Minimize the Upfront Capital


Heavy machinery such as cranes, bulldozers, and cherry pickers come at quite a hefty price tag. If you’re considering the buying option, be prepared to pay a large chunk of capital as a deposit.

For established companies, finding such a huge capital investment might not be a problem. If however, you’re a small start-up construction business, a large capital outlay might not be possible. Renting on the other hand makes it possible to hire several machines for the price of buying a single unit.

2. Minimal Maintenance Costs

When your company purchases a machine, due consideration needs to be given to necessary maintenance and service plans. To ensure fault-free operation, said maintenance will have to be performed regularly. This will involve repairs, changing of parts, and in some instances complete overhauls. This can be quite costly. Rental on the other hand takes that cost off your hands since the vendor does most of it.

3. No Storage Costs

It’s one thing to buy a heavy machine because you feel that your anticipated usage will justify the cost. However, it’s another scenario altogether when you have to find and pay for long-term storage. Long-term exposure to the elements will lead to degraded machine quality, so you can’t simply keep it outside all the time.

Rental units can easily be stored at the companies you’ve rented them from. There’s no need for you to build, hire or buy storage space. You also won’t have to deal with transporting your machine from the storage facility to the job site. In these instances, the machine arrives at your job site when it’s needed and is removed when the day’s work is done or at a prearranged time.

4. Compliance is Taken Care of


Depending on the type of machinery you need, there might be several issues associated with compliance. Regulations and licensing criteria vary between states, and it can be challenging to keep up with all the legalities.

Rental companies are well-versed in the rules, regulations, and licensing needs of all their machines. It’s also their responsibility to keep vehicles compliant with these regulations. Depending on the operator’s requirements, you may in some instances even be able to rent the services of certified and licensed machine operators.

5. Up-to-date Technology

No matter what type of construction sector you’re in, you’re most likely aware of machine technology constantly changing. In truth, buying even the newest unit now will eventually leave you with an outdated model—sooner than you think.

When you opt to hire, you have the choice of hiring a unit that boasts the latest, most up-to-date features. This will ensure you get maximum work done in the shortest time possible. In turn, you’ll also have a major edge over your competitors.

6. Have the Option to Add Accessories

Whether you’re opting to rent a skid steer or Franna crane hire is more up your alley, the good news is that you can use state-of-the-art accessories. Certain accessories make it easy to get several jobs done by simply switching out the accessories. And vendors may have all these items available for your use. This will be considerably more cost-effective than having to buy it.

7. Eliminate Time Wasting


If there’s one thing that construction bosses can agree on it’s that lost time can eat through profits in no time. Many instances of downtime originate from employees sitting around waiting for a machine to arrive. Also, if a machine has stalled or broken, work is paused while the owner makes alternative plans.

Hiring a machine means the rental company is responsible for ensuring the unit arrives on time, minimizing many instances of downtime. Additionally, when a unit stalls or experiences a breakdown, the rental agency will be responsible for exchanging the unit in the shortest time possible.

Final Thought

Many Australian construction companies prefer to make use of hired machinery. Not only does it prove to be more cost-effective, but they can also have access to the latest and greatest options without forking out a huge capital investment. Save money while getting the job done more effectively by hiring the equipment you need!