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As the days go by, coloured contacts are becoming more and more popular as well as being instrumental in achieving the desired style of eye-colour for most people out there. This is because apart from your usual makeup, coloured contacts can transform your eyes the way you look.

It doesn’t matter whether you have light coloured eyes or dark, by opting for green coloured contacts you’ll have something unique to try out – which will work great for all types of skin tones. Furthermore, green eyes are one of the rarest eye colours in the world – making the colour extremely desirable too. With that being said, I have five fantastic lens options that I want to share with you all – considering I have tried these out all by myself. So, you all can be assured about their genuineness.

Top 5 Green Contacts

1. Ice Green Colored Contact Lenses

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In case you’re new in this world of coloured lenses, then this product would be a perfect way to start your journey. The gorgeous colour on them would look great on both men and as well as women. Moreover, the ice green colour gives the wearer a subtle, soft and youthfulness look – all at once. Apart from these exciting features, these contacts have also been certified by the FDA, making them universally safe to wear by anyone.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about wearing them when you go outside since they come with UV blocking technology. The overall construction has been made from the ground-up using silicone hydrogel materials – which gives its property of softness. Furthermore, they maintain adequate moisture levels for your eyes which makes them effortless to use for extended periods. As usual, these lenses have a useful life of 12 months.

2. Colourful Rainbow Colored Contact Lenses

Even though these contacts are recommended for both light and dark coloured eyes, I feel that these would look terrific if you have lighter eyes. TTDeye took a new approach with their products by combining eight different colours with perfect transitioning between them. It has 40 per cent water content and has an enlargement effect for those who want a fuller eye colour. The colours have a seamless union between them and therefore will look highly natural on your eyes.

Apart from being gorgeous in terms of looks, they have a smooth design and come with non-ionic material construction making it comfortable to wear. They have moisture retention capacity to keep your eyes feeling hydrated all day long and have a useful life of one year.

3. Lemon Green Colored Contact Lenses

These products are one of the newest releases and therefore includes some of the most excellent coloured contact shades you can find on the market. They incorporate the lemon yellow colour and combine it along with the colour of fresh green – thereby ultimately obtaining the lemon green colour shade. No wonder that they have been so popular among teenagers and adults alike. The bright tones of lemon green contrasted by shiny & sparkly fresh green colour make you feel genuinely flattering.

You can comfortably wear them throughout the day, as they have enough moisture retention in them and can be worn by both light & dark coloured eyes. Besides, these lenses have been certified by the FDA – making them extremely safe to use on a daily basis. Moreover, they come with UV blocking technology – protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Last but not least is that they have a useful life of 12 months. Get your preferred colour, simply click here.

4. Egypt Yellow-Green Colored Contact Lenses

If you want to play it safe with your overall looks and don’t want to appear much extravagant, then these might be the perfect solution for your requirements. These beautiful lenses incorporate the golden sand colour of Egyptian deserts – making them look brighter and more mysterious.

Moreover, the intense pattern and subtle texture on them create a certain amount of depth and movement on your eyes – providing you with that perfect bold look that you’ve always wanted. Apart from the overall looks, they are made up of non-ionic materials – ensuring that your eyes stay moisturised for a long time. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about daily or monthly disposable routines, since they can be used up to one year, at a maximum.

5. Blooming Brown-Green Colored Contact Lenses

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As you all have already seen that green coloured contacts can come in a variety of tones as well as aesthetics – and they are perhaps the most unusual ones you can find on the e-commerce market right now. They include a mixture of green colour along with shades of brown, for obtaining the ultimate looks in not only enhancing your eyes but also make you look different from others.

Besides, these contacts have been certified by the FDA, making them highly safe to wear, and they have UV blocking capability to save your eyes from the harmful sun’s rays. Designed for both light and dark coloured eyes, you’d be delighted to know that they are manufactured with the help of silicone hydrogel materials. Doing so makes them soft and comfortable to wear – combined with moisture retention capacity to keep your eyes hydrated for the entire session you’re wearing them. And since they are already built with high-quality materials, you can expect them to last you at least 12 months at most.


In case you’ve always dreamed of sporting green coloured contacts, then there’s no better time to put your hard-earned money to the right place and buy your preferred green coloured ones. Moreover, with worldwide shipping along with commendable after-sales service – you don’t have to worry about obtaining your own on time.

Be sure to keep your lenses in good condition, and you can continue to use them for more extended periods, without any visible disintegration.