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Eyeliner is one of the impassable values when it comes to makeup. It never goes out of style and is always popular. What’s great about it is that it can adapt to any eye shape, highlighting the best on it. This is especially true for women who have sensitive eyelids and therefore have to take care of the choice of this product.

If you learn how to properly apply eyeliner, depending on the shape of your eye – you will be able to highlight your beauty the right way. In the following text, we give you a little guide that will show you how to do just that.

You Want To Highlight Your Eyes But You Have Sensitive Eyelids

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When wearing contact lenses or having extremely sensitive eyes, make-up can be a big problem. We all like to shine with smokey eyes or highlight our sex appeal by making our eyes look dramatic. However, strong makeup can sometimes be irritating. Redness and unwanted tears often cause problems for women who wear lenses or have sensitive eyes and eyelids. But, we have good news for you! You can avoid these chronic problems with a few make-up tricks. We have prepared for you some great tips that you can apply when you makeup, and you will no longer be afraid of unwanted irritation.

Tip 1: Choose products without oil

When it comes to makeup, you should always choose products that do not contain oil. The reason is that the makeup containing the oil can be more easily smeared and finished in your eyes.

Tip 2: Choose creamy products

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It will be annoying for anyone if powder coils accidentally fall into the eye, and this is a particularly bad experience for those wearing contact lenses. Therefore, whenever you can – choose shades that have a creamy texture. It is similar with eyeliners that you have to choose so that they do not smear easily and thus reach the inside of the eye.

Tip 3: Choose your mascara carefully

Make it your choice to always have products that are designed for sensitive users. You should avoid those mascara that lengthens the lashes as it can easily irritate your eyes. Also, it is much better to use plastic brush products.

Tip 4: Use Hypoallergenic Eyeliners

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When it comes to eyeliners, use those special ones designed for sensitive eyes, or ones that won’t irritate them. Our choice is  L’Oreal Paris Flash Cat Superliner – an eyeliner based on a waterproof gel. The most important feature of this eyeliner is that it is suitable for the most sensitive eyes and all users of contact lenses. The product has been tested and has been proven to be good even for the most sensitive eyes. This eyeliner is gel-based, with elastic texture that smears well. After the application, it only takes a few seconds for the eyeliner to dry –  making the application easier and avoiding unwanted smearing. The brush is thin and precise and the finish is intensely black and the shiny look of your eyes.

Tip 5: Try it with darker shades

When you want to highlight your look it is best to do it with dark shadows as you will need less product to make your eyes stand out. With gentle shades, you will need to apply a lot more shade.

Tip 6: Carefully remove eye makeup

After you have done your makeup, it is also very important that you carefully clean the make-up from your eyes. This is crucial because you may have tears in your eyes in the daytime.

Rules For Applying Eyeliner

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Many girls are slowly giving up on finding the right eyeliner for many reasons. Some wear out quickly, some brushes are too thick, some take off quickly, etc. Of course, sometimes it takes a bit of persistence and a little artistic skill – at least when it comes to applying eyeliner. Since black is not an ultimate color, you can also try some of those colored eyeliners. Here are some rules on how to apply eyeliner according to your eye color.

1. Brown eyes

The weighty eyeliner and crayon will give the brown eye a special tenderness, and more importantly, this color is very wearable both in the evening and during the day. The eyes will be much better highlighted than when using black.

2. Hazelnut color

As this eye color is similar to gold, to further emphasize these tones and to make the eyeshine more strongly, it is necessary to use an old gold color crayon and eyeliner. The eyes will get special and we would add a subtle glow.

3. Green eyes

A red undertone of purple eyeliner or crayon will give a completely striking appearance to the green eye. Whether you decide on a plum color or a more intense purple, this color eyeliner should definitely be in your bag.

4. Blue eyes

Blue eyes are very striking by themselves. However, it is important to further define them and highlight their beauty. This can be achieved in green tones which make a perfect contrast.

5. Gray eyes

This eye color is so specific that it is important to carefully choose a shade that will highlight its color in a good way. The plum shades, that is, something between brown and red would be an ideal choice!

The Popularity Of Eyeliner On The Eyes Does Not Wane.

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From the time of Marilyn Monroe when it was drawn in a thin line and combined with red lipstick, to Lane Del Rey and her retro look, eyeliner as a beautification product has been dented in the bags of true makeup lovers.

We are sure that many of you have drawn a clear black line along your lashes at least once and have been enchanted by the final product. If not, at least you begged your friend to do your eye make-up. Eyeliner is actually a very useful product that can give you many different effects. So try it once in a while. It may look really good on you.