Migration is one of the most common human phenomena in modern times and cities such as New York have their fair share of immigrants on a constant basis. One service therefore that is in high demand in the city is Logistic services.

Logistics companies provide services such as helping people move their stuff from one location to the other. Some of these companies move anything from goods and personal to household stuff and heavy items such as vehicles while some others specialize in moving either households only, goods and business resources, or vehicles only. Companies that specialize in moving vehicles are known as car shipping companies.

In this article, we will share tips on how to choose the best car shipping company in New York. Bear in mind that the tips shared here will come in handy for shipping vehicles anywhere in the world so stay with us.

What to look out for in a Car Shipping Company

In choosing a car shipping company to work with you have to do your due diligence to ensure that you end up with the right fit. In a cosmopolitan city such as New York, you can be sure that there are many car shipping companies that advertise as the best. Every company will have great things to say about themselves but it is left for prospective clients to ascertain the veracity of their claims.

To help you with that, find below, what to look out for in a car shipping company:-

Experience and Expertise

It is very important to find out how experienced the company you want to work with is. Bear in mind that most often expertise will come with experience. A company that has been long in the game is sure to have garnered more experience than a new one.

They would have gathered a lot of skills over their years in operation and the experience and skills gained will serve you well.


Ensure that the service provider you are looking to engage is legitimately registered to operate an auto shipping company. You must look out for their license and other documents that validate their legitimacy. There are a lot of scammers and frauds out there especially these days of online transactions so we all need to be very careful.

Note that there are specific certificates and licenses that all car shipping companies in New York must have to be qualified to operate in the region. You can visit the website of the New York City Department of Transport to check out the required documents. Ensure that you see all of them before you hire any auto transporter.


Source: movevocity.com

Another important thing to look out for is the type of equipment that the company uses. If a company does not have the right pieces of equipment for tasks such as on-loading and off-loading vehicles on their car haulers, they may end up damaging your car. It is therefore important that you confirm that they have the right tools and manpower for every process. It is only then that you can rest assured that your vehicle will not be damaged in the course of loading and offloading.

Customer Service

Another vital issue to look out for is the customer service culture of companies in consideration. When you reach out to the rep of the options you are considering, you need to carefully listen to unspoken nuances and vibes. You can gauge how much value a business places on its clientele by the way it attend to them and respond to their queries.

Never make the mistake of engaging a service provider that gave you negative vibes at first contact. Always trust your instincts about a potential service provider. If they do not always respond promptly and you have to chase them down to get a response when you are still making inquiries, bear in mind that nothing will change after you engage their service. Therefore save yourself future stress by steering clear of such companies.

Cost Benefit Analysis

This is the process of analyzing the value you expect to get from the money you will spend on a contract or transaction. You need to do this in addition to comparison shopping. Although cost-benefit analysis is mostly a corporate concept, it is also helpful in making personal decisions that involve money.

In comparison shopping, you gather as many options as possible and compare their charges. Note that you have to use the same parameters to make your comparison. These parameters include the type of carrier, the distance, and the terms of delivery. When you have made the comparison, you then carry out a cost-benefit analysis to get the best option for you.

Source: shipacarinc.com


Shipping a car from one location to another can be done through different means. However, we have established that the best way to ship your car to or from New York is by engaging the service of an auto transport company.

We have shared tips on how to get the best company to work with and we believe that these tips will help you make an informed decision.