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A personal injury claim is a long and complicated process and that is why it is important to do it properly, otherwise, you risk losing a lot of money. Whoever suffers an injury, which is not his fault, has the right to seek compensation. However, at that moment it is very possible that you will miss a lot of details, which can be crucial later. Because at that point, you will only think about your health, and you will not think about the potential injury claim in the long run. Don’t ignore it, because as a result of the injury you may not be able to work for a while or recovery will be expensive, and if you are lucky and not seriously injured, you have certainly gone through emotional trauma, for which you should also receive money. If you meet all the requirements to claim a personal injury claim, then follow these tips we will give you to get through the whole situation as well as possible.

1. Go to the doctor as soon as you can

If the injuries are more serious, you will be transported directly to the hospital and then you will have complete medical documentation immediately. However, if the injury does not require urgent medical treatment, do not make a mistake and go home. That way you will lose valuable evidence. The injuries will certainly be visible in the coming days, but the sooner you go to the doctor, the more credible the entire document will be. If you wait a long time, it is very possible that they will try to dispute at least some of your injuries and say that you got them somewhere else and not a consequence of that very situation.

2. Gather as much evidence as possible

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In addition to all the medical documentation that will be of the utmost importance to you, try to gather all the other evidence. Witness statements are very helpful as well. If you are not seriously injured, take photos of the accident site and everything else, because such things will make the difference between the approved and rejected claim, as well as the amount you will receive. Of course, you have to get a police report and then it will all take one complete case, and your chances of success will be great.

3. Do not accept the first offer

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This is a process where you will have to bargain, which will help you significantly if you have experienced attorneys by your side, specializing in injury claims, such as Foyle Legal Law. Because people who work for insurance encounter such cases on a daily basis and because of their experience and knowledge you are not equal, so it is advisable to have a lawyer. Insurance representatives will always give you the first offer as an amount that is incomparably lower than the real one. Those who do not have experience will think that it is best to take any amount, for fear that they will be left without any compensation if they reject the first offer. But that is not the case. They are just trying to give you as little as possible, and it is up to you not to let them.

4. Apply for compensation as soon as possible

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Don’t wait. Do it as soon as possible, because the longer you wait, the less the situation will be in your favor. Only if you file a claim for compensation quickly will it be possible to gather all the evidence, witnesses, and so on. If a few months pass, your chances are minimal. Don’t wait even because you don’t have complete medical records yet. You and your lawyers should apply, and you will complete the file as you receive new evidence. Because sometimes the treatment lasts for months and you have to go to different specialists, so it takes a long time until you get all the diagnoses.

5. Don’t seek compensation just for immediate damage

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The insurance will try to offer you compensation only for the current damage, which includes the costs of treatment, the inability to go to work, and the like. But you need to think long term, of course, if there is a basis for something like that. If the injuries are more serious and you will not be able to work for a long time or they have even caused permanent incapacity, the amount you will receive must be incomparably higher due to future losses that will disappear due to your inability to work. This is called future damages, and to prove it, you will need confirmation from various doctors.

6. Don’t always accept a settlement

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It is very rare for such cases to end up in court. But if you see insurance persistently refusing to offer you a realistic figure, don’t give up on the opportunity to prove you’re right in court. If, in cooperation with your lawyer, you determine that all the evidence is on your side, then going to court is absolutely the right move. And when the insurance company sees that you are completely sure of your victory in court, it is very likely that they will not want it but will accept your offer. Because they assume they will lose the case, and that will then lead to big extra costs.

7. Watch what you post on social media

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Social networks have become an indispensable part of our lives. We are used to constantly posting photos and that way everyone has an insight into our lives. In this case, you have to be very careful about what you publish. Because everything that can be found at your social media accounts can become evidence in court. If you are seeking large compensation for serious injuries, and in the meantime, you are posting photos that clearly show that you are not injured and that you are functioning normally, it will be very discriminatory. So be very careful.


If you follow all these tips and have evidence on your side, you have no reason to worry. It is almost certain that you will get the desired amount of money.