We all love listening to music. Music is an excellent stress buster and works like magic to uplift our mood and keep us cheery. But did you know that music has a similar effect on dogs too?

Yes, research proves that music can also soothe the minds of dogs! Dogs and other animals also experience different psychological emotions; the daily noises in common households tend to have a significant impact on the health and wellness of our pets. And music can create magical calmness especially when our pets are distressed and anxious.

So, what kind of music genre works best to keep dogs calm?

It is wrong to assume that whatever music makes us feel happy and calm will help our furry friends feel the same way. In fact, it is quite the opposite! The aim is to play the music that effectively counteracts noise pollution and creates an environment of peace and relaxation.


And in that effect, studies have shown that folk music is the best choice when you want to keep your pet dog calm and peaceful. Folk music is the best kind out of all the other music genres to keep dogs calm. Experimental evidence says that with folk music playing in the background, dogs can relax easily for almost 46 minutes on average. The longest rest time so far documented during the research for the folk music genre was nearly 60 minutes. This means that the participating canine breed hardly moved a muscle while it was listening to the folk genre tunes.

In another study conducted back in 2005 by a board-certified vet neurologist Dr. Susan Wagner, it was found that lone piano music generated as per psychoacoustic principles, with relatively slower tempos and simplistic chord arrangements was clearly demonstrated to be more effective in lessening anxiety compared to popular classic tunes. While both of these music genres could keep the participating dogs calm enough to encourage them to lie down, the solo piano tunes were more effective.


More studies were conducted to examine the effects of different kinds of musical notes on the dog psyche. And in another more recent study carried out in 2017, scientists found that softer variants of rock music and especially reggae resulted in more calmed-down behaviors and promoted relaxation among dogs. It also increased the variability in their heart rates, which is an excellent indicator of low levels of stress and anxiety.

The effect of music on our beloved pets is every bit fascinating and heart-warming. You can play soft folk music for dogs that experience separation anxiety, especially when they are left all alone. But, while the sound of soft folk tunes might comfort them, you should also make sure to play the same tunes of music while you are at home with them. This helps train their mind so that they do not link that kind of music with being all alone at home.

The internet has plenty of music compositions specially created to keep dogs calm and help them relax.