Within our living arrangements, there are some fixtures that we take for granted. These can range from our washing machines to our refrigerators. Or, we may overlook how important our sinks are. Usually, many of these appliances have an interconnected back-end, where pipe maintenance will be key.

In some cases, your water pipes themselves could be subject to becoming damaged or clogged. A clogged set of pipes is nothing to take for granted, as they will impede your daily habits. Sometimes, the challenges posed by clogged pipes are relatively minor. In other cases, they can be more challenging and require the help of a plumber.

Let’s learn how to fix the clogged water pipes in your home.

1. Find the Source

Pipe maintenance should be done regularly, no matter the status. This ensures that everything is in working order for the short and long term. Without this daily check-up, you may not necessarily know where potential issues stem from. Water that flows through your pipes may be harder to locate.

Before you implement a solution, it is in your best interest to locate and isolate the issue. Most of the time, as it relates to water flow, the clogged pipes can be found in one location. If there is an issue with many pipes throughout the house, you may have to get a professional solution, like contacting the experts from Birnie Plumbing. Either way, finding the location first and foremost will put you on the right path!

2. Water Supply


As mentioned, water will flow through many pipes in and around the home. So, before any fix is implemented, you will have to tend to the water source. Every living arrangement will have a primary water supply that allows water to flow through your pipes.

Locate the main water supply and shut it out before you get to work. Sometimes this will be found in the basement if you live inside a house. Make sure that no one else plans to use water during the repair. You do not want anything getting in the way of an effective solution.

3. Air Pressure Fix

Water-based clogs in your pipes can come about in various formats. Sometimes, the clog may be substantial but not at all difficult to get rid of with a simple repair. Air pressure will be used to detect whether or not there are issues in and around the water pipe. First, grab an air hose line for the pipe in question.

This tool will act as a plunger of sorts, which is put through the clogged pipe. Then, air pressure is forcefully put through the water pipe to break apart the clog. One of the best parts of this solution is that it allows you to find any potential gaps that may also be inside. Should these gaps be present, a full pipe replacement may be necessary.

4. Pipe Replacement


A pipe replacement can be the last resort fix for your water-based clogs. That is because, generally speaking, you may not have to resort to this just yet. Make sure you do all you can to clean and repair the pipe after getting rid of the clog. Unfortunately, this may still not be enough.

Once you determine that the pipe needs to be replaced, carefully uninstall it from the position it is in. Then, take the pipe to your nearest department store and ask for help if you need it. The pipe you are looking for will be the exact model as this one, or close enough to it. Purchase it, and reinstall it in the correct position once you are home.

5. Miscellaneous Cleaning


Many clogs in your water pipes will simply need cleaning in and around the tube. No matter how big or small, clogs can be eliminated once they are inside the structure. So, you will need to get a few supplies and resources before conducting it.

If possible, take out the pipe in question for the best result. Then, you can see any solidified deposits inside the tube. Clean these out with the right solution, such as baking soda, warm water, and salt. Once everything has been flushed out, reinstall it.

6. Plumbing Service

A plumber may be necessary in some respects if the water pipes in your back end are a bit more complicated. You will have to call in these professionals to get a second opinion if this is the case. Once they arrive, your water pipes will return to normal in no time!