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Learning something is fun. Discovering something that can catch our curiosity and attention is even more fun. There are tons of things that are happening in the world we live in. Of course, it would be impossible to learn the smallest and subtle elements. We have six of the most random did you know facts to feed your curiosity.

Have you ever had the satisfying feeling of knowing and learning something new? Of course, for today, we are going to focus more on facts that you have never heard of nor knew. It should be a pleasant time learning some of the things that may surprise us. If your brain itches for some new information, then these random facts are perfect for you!

You will never know when these random facts would be handy. These things exist on the same planet as we are, so you should be ready. You might encounter these things or find yourself in an entirely new situation!

Honey Will Never Spoil

If you define yourself as a food aficionado, this random did you know fact is for you. Did you know that honey from bees never spoils? Honey is often used for food, recipes, and even serve as a natural remedy. Honey is such a versatile food. Knowing it can never spoil is such a handy thing to learn.

Honey will never spoil if you properly heat, strain, and seal it properly. By doing these three things, you can assure that the honey will not be able to absorb moisture. You could say that a honey jar sealed well and the other requisites, will last a lifetime.

You should find the proper storage area for your honey. There is a jar of honey that goes way back from 5,500 years ago. The heating, straining, and sealing must have been perfect. Find the proper area to store your honey and use it for your recipes and natural remedies!

More Plants Come From The Ocean

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You might wonder how can there be plants down in the ocean? There are around 228,450 documented species in the sea. There are even two million more plant species that remain undiscovered. Some of these aquatic plants are the commonly-known seaweed, seagrass, and more.

You can expect that there are a lot of plants down there in the ocean. If we ever run out of edible plants up here inland, there is a strong chance that there is a lot more down into the sea. But do not be too quick in planning a plant-based diet based on what you encounter in the sea.

As we said, there are around two million undiscovered species of marine plants. You could bump through a plant that may not be suitable for consumption. Scientists already divided these aquatic plants into three categories. We have the Euphotic, Dispothic, and Apothic.

Birds Use Gravity To Swallow

There is a considerable chance that you did not know about birds being unable to chew their food. Our avian friends cannot swallow their food, so they tend to take their food in one gulp. No matter what their prey is, they will eat it up in one single instance.

With that said, birds use gravity to swallow their prey or food. The esophagus of a bird is vast and wide enough to eat an entire meal. A bigger bird can take a more substantial meal. Bigger birds like the hawks and eagles can swallow larger prey in one sitting.

These beautiful creatures need the help of gravity to help them sustain their diet. Their beaks have no teeth to break everything down into smaller bits and chunks. These birds then use gravity to propel their food source into their stomachs.

19 Million People And You Have The Same Birthday

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There is a considerable chance that the world did not celebrate the day you were born for you alone. You share the same birthday with an estimated 19 million people. It already is a surreal feeling to learn about a friend having the same birth date as you.

Think of how surreal it would feel like now that you know 19 million people were born on the same day as you. Maybe you could round up a massive chunk of that 19 million and throw an enormous celebration for your fellow birthday buddies.

What if you were born on the least common day throughout the year? Maybe you were born on a leap day, and you only celebrate your exact birthday once every four years? Well, you would still share the same birthday with about 18 million strangers. Good to know that you will not celebrate your rare birthday alone.

French Fries Came From Belgium

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Who knew that our beloved snack of choice did not originate from France? After all, this delicious potato recipe goes by the name “French” fries. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but the original french fries came from Belgium.

Does that mean that we should refer to French fries as Belgian fries? The name french fries have been the staple of deep-fried potato cutlets. Changing it today will only confuse a lot of people.

Let us enjoy the snack for what it looks and how it tastes. You can call your deep-fried potato cutlets into whatever name you want. You can even claim the recipe as yours as long as it does not result in confusion among you and your peers.


It always feels good to learn something new each day. In this situation, you get to learn about some of the most subtle and random facts available. These facts were not a result of mere gossip and made-up stories. You will find a rich backstory to each fact on this list.

You can also include the research that gave birth to a fact. The research that proves a particular point may have resulted in a clash against a common belief. Regardless, learning these facts are still essential to our curiosity. You will never know when these facts can help you in any given situation.