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In our daily lives, we eat a lot of junk, unhealthy stuff, and high-calorie meals, but a point comes when we feel the need for eating light calorie foods to clean up our body. This cleaning refers to the process of detoxification where we use detox water, smoothies, and protein salads, in short, healthy food to clean the system of our bodies that we have messed up by eating bad food for our health. This process simply withdraws specific substances harmlessly and operatively. So as we can see, if we consume something unhealthy, we have to undergo our bodies with a certain process to get back on track with healthy bodies. The same is the process in the case of drug consumption.

1. Detoxification and functioning

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The population which has caught themselves in the cage of drugs is widely increasing. Even after knowing the circumstances, people still involve themselves in drugs for temporary ease. Like the above-mentioned process, the same process has to be done with the bodies that use drugs and harm themselves. Drug addicts also need a detoxification process to withdraw harmful psychoactive substances, which they inhaled and gave to their body systems. This detoxification is not like using detoxified foods; it has different steps to follow.

We know that drugs are powerful stimulants and they have a great effect, so we have to undergo various steps that will help in discharging the harm.

Detoxification programs prioritize the connection between your mind and body. The most significant toxin that challenges the patients is the stress that affects them on a regular and long-term basis. The symptoms mostly analyzed include various syndromes like fibromyalgia, severe headache and migraine, prolonged fatigue, petulant bowel movements, several sensitivities against chemicals, and many others affect people.

The major need for drug-addicted patients is support and awareness, but sadly our society lacks in providing this and they don’t support these interventions that are important for the soul, mind, and body. People do not feel the need of cultivating understanding for different emerging issues. They need to change their behaviors and insights so that the life of such addicts becomes easy. Such patients and addicts already suffer a lot, so they need love and continual support instead of narrow beliefs associated with different things.

2. Detoxification of opiates

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Before discussing the process of opiate detoxification, it is important to know what they are.


Opiates belong to the class of drugs that are popularly called opioids. This substance is extracted from opium poppy plants, and, in case of unavailability, people manufacture it synthetically.

Effects and kinds of Opiates


Opiates induce the sleep cycle and give a feel of alleviating pain. They give a feel of recreation to the consumer by creating euphoria. They are popular for pain-relieving that gives a long term effect. This long-term effect can increase sensitivity and pain as well. These drugs play with your brain functionality as they create a feeling of pleasure. They affect the center of the brain and mislead the brain’s functioning that results in addiction to this substance. When the use of the drug becomes limited, it may lead the body to become dependent physically. This shows that when a person leaves this drug, he suffers from unpleasant pain.

It is known for its powerfulness and strong intensity as a drug that leads our bodies to lethal and fatal consequences. It is also sometimes used in prescription medications for eliminating pain. In a very short period, one can get physically dependent on others, which shows the power of this drug. Hydrocodone, fentanyl, codeine, Norco, Lortab, hydromorphone are included in the opioids that are manufactured synthetically. The most common and widely used opiate is heroin. Oxycodone and fentanyl are important opioids if we talk about prescription opioids. In the time tenure of 1999-2012, a survey showed that the use of opiates has doubled. The use of all of its kinds increased immensely with large percentages. People gave different street names to the opioids like china, oxy, chill pills, football, purple drink, heroin, big white, etc.

3. Process of Opiates Detoxification:

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Opiates detoxification is the process of removing the effects of opiates from addicted patients. The professional team of the detox center tries to minimize the level of discomfort which a patient encounters while on treatment. They control the intensity and pain of the withdrawing symptoms and syndromes. The sole purpose of this entire process is to eliminate the effect of this strong drug, reduce the pain, and lessen the severity of signs and symptoms, at the point when a person tries to stop the consumption. Three factors that measure the effectiveness of this entire detoxification process are:

  • The total duration of the withdrawal process
  • The severity of the symptoms
  • Completion rate of the entire program

Some people believe that a detoxification program is not capable enough and is not a kind of treatment that can stand alone and cure drug addiction all alone. They consider it an ineffective treatment because of relapse chances. But let us remove this misconception; this process is an essential treatment to minimize the chances of long-term drug effects. Program centers admit the patient and do various attempts of detoxifying the patient’s body in various ways. Without detoxification, the effect of a drug that has been taken for a long time cannot be eliminated.

Detoxification of opiates uses three methods generally. The first one is abrupt termination, the second approach is advanced receptor antagonist and the last one is tapered meth family drugs. The process of Tapering is all about decreasing and replacing the need for opiates. We cannot make a patient leave drugs all at once.

It depends on the condition, and sometimes the patient is treated with a less intensity drug so that the capability of control can develop in the body. For example, when a person is used to heroin, his drug is replaced with methadone. But again, this depends on which level a patient is suffering. For more information, visit Gallus Detox.