Have you ever seen “Rounders”? One of the main heroes, Mike McDermott, dreams is to play poker with the best in the world in The Mirage casino.

It’s only a movie, but millions of gamblers all over the world dream of visiting specific countries where the most luxurious casinos are located. Here you can find out more about some of them.



Macau is located in the south of China, and even though it’s considered a part of the country, it has its own government and economic system.

The city is most known for its famous casinos, where the world’s wealthiest people decide to try their luck. If you ever come to Macau, you’ll see poker highest stakes available anywhere in the world, where blinds go as high as $12,500-$25,000.

But Macau doesn’t only attract millionaires. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people every year come to try their luck. The majority of them are Chinese, but there are many foreign visitors as well. There are 38 casinos in Macau, so you will easily find one for yourself.

The games variety is extremely wide – you can bet your money on baccarat, blackjack, machine slots, and many many more. The city is astonishing. Once you come here, you’ll fall in love with it, and spend many hours having a great time.

2Las Vegas


The famous, worldwide known city is located in the south-east part of Nevada. Even though Macau was recently hailed as the gambling capital of the world, one thing is sure – Las Vegas is more famous and still attracts many gamblers and tourists. Over 42 million people in 2019 decided to see what life looks like in Sin City, and one thing is sure- they did not regret it.

Casinos in Vegas are countless, but some of them outshine the competition. Are you a fan of the sport? If betting makes the games more exciting for you to make sure to visit Caesars Palace.

This place contains all that you need – numerous TVs where you can watch the results and the games and bars where you can order delicious dishes and drinks. If you’re in Vegas, Caesars Palace is a must-see.

Another casino that you can’t miss is the ARIA resort. The variety of possibilities is endless here. Poker games, slot machines, blackjack, and baccarat – you can find it all. It’s crazy to think about it, but some slot machines pull cost is $5000.

Are you able to afford it? Gambling is not the only way of spending your time here, though. If you get lucky and win some nice cash, you can go rest in one of the 4004 hotel rooms or relax in the separate SPA rooms.

These are only two of the many glamorous casinos in the Las Vegas Strip. Till this time, you might have played online only. It sure is fun to gamble on the Internet on sites like, etc., but if you ever have a chance to visit Vegas – go for it. It has an unforgettable atmosphere, and you’ll love every second that you spent there.



London is not only famous because of Buckingham Palace, London’s Eye, or Big Ben. One of the biggest cities in the world is also an attractive destination for gamblers. The Colony Club, The Palm Beach Casino, Genting Chinatown Casino, or the famous Hippodrome – London offer for gamblers is incredible.

They say that Las Vegas never sleeps. It’s also true when it comes to London. You can try your luck with any game you like, at any time or day you want. And once you get tired of the emotional rollercoaster that gambling provides, you can try out delicious drinks served by the most skilled bartenders in the world.



The sovereign city-state is famous for its wealthy, Formula one and, of course, gambling. It became legal over 100 years ago, and at the moment, gambling is pretty much a national business. If you ever have an opportunity to come to Monaco, make sure to visit Monte-Carlo Casino.

It’s arguably the most famous casino all over the world. Obviously, it offers a variety of different games, but at the same time, it’s a magnificent building. There are tourist groups who buy tickets just to see it.

The minimum amount of money that you can bet in the main casino hall is €5. Some private rooms are uncapped, though – you can bet as much as you want. Just remember to play responsibly, and your visit to Monaco will be one of your life’s most amazing journeys.

Gambling is famous all over the world, but some places are just extraordinary. Macau, Las Vegas, London, and Monaco are every gambler must-see. Make sure to visit casinos in those cities – you’ll have loads of fun, and maybe you can even hit the jackpot? Good luck, and have fun!