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The tradition of giving is as old as humanity itself. From the first cave people, through ancient civilizations that expressed their cordiality and dedication by sharing fruits and cookies, until today. It has never changed. You don’t have to be a genius and an above-average smart person to understand the essence of this lovely custom. The act of giving is not simply giving a gift, it’s a moment of exchange of love and attention that means much more than the material value of the present itself.

Of course, the occasions are different. Motives for such rejoicing sometimes exist, and sometimes not – it just comes to us that way. The most common motive is to show affection to those we love the most, as well as support in moments when things go wrong and people let us down.

Encouragement is something that everyone needs, and besides words, there’s no better way to lift the spirit than with a sweet present. And here are some reasons why this is so good and recommendable.

1. You’ll boost someone’s spirit

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There is nothing more beautiful than when we see a huge smile on the faces of our beloved ones and realize from the look in their eyes that we have made them feel better. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but there’s almost nothing better than a suitable gift. Whether it’s something symbolic and creative that has nothing to do with practicality, or something that they have wanted and needed for a long time, the pleasure of a sign of attention would make everyone flattered and happy.

If we really put enough effort into preparing such a surprise, we can be sure that the mental state of the person to whom we dedicate it will improve significantly. And not only that – when it comes to gifts of encouragement, they can also stimulate some new steps and decisions in life that take a long time for people to gather courage and strength to do them. Who knows, maybe just a single gesture to motivate someone and inspire them to change their life – its powers should never be underestimated.

2. You’ll remind the close people you care for them

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Many things are taken for granted in life, but interpersonal relationships and wonderful things that we share with dear people mustn’t be seen as something that doesn’t imply any further effort.

Although the kind of positive relations with someone says itself that we love them and that they mean something to us, that in no way leads to the conclusion that we should stop there. As long as we live on this planet, we should show fondness and gratitude for the existence of those without whom our lives wouldn’t be the same.

So, the people around you may not even be aware of how much you actually appreciate and respect them, and how grateful you are to have them in your life. Okay, they may not expect gifts in return due to the fact that they’re there for you, but that’s the charm – there’s nothing wrong with spoiling them and showing them that you care about them. This entails many worthwhile changes and the improvement of the relationship you have with someone.

3. You have so many possibilities to customize it

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If you are a fan of unusual and special things, then you probably belong to that group of people who find classic, generic gifts boring and not personal enough. There’s nothing wrong with that if it suits someone, of course. But when we really know what it is that our dear person loves and what they strive for, then choosing something specific and closely related to their dreams and desires is what we need.

The good thing about gifts of encouragement is that we can always adapt them to the personalities, habits, and characteristics of our dear ones. It doesn’t have to be something general, and by trying to make the thing we give specific and closely related to their interests, we’ll show how well we know them.

The range of such options is more than wide, and one of the common things that givers decide on are various boards with motivational messages or inspirational quotes, like the ones on Kauza Decor. They may be made in such a way as to carry a certain message for the recipient, contain their name or be in any other way dedicated exclusively to them. They’re usually kept in the living room or bedroom so that they’re always in front of the eyes of those who need a daily dose of heartening and cheer.

4. You’ll feel lovely doing something motivational for your beloved ones

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Although the raw, wonderful and sincere reaction is what we primarily want to cause when it comes to the ones who receive our gift, we shouldn’t forget the phenomenal feeling that comes the moment we become aware that we have made someone’s day better. Even psychologists say that there’s something quite irresistible and especially charming in the fact that improving someone else’s mood and doing generous deeds makes us much more fulfilled and willing to make everything even better.

It could be said that gifts have a purpose only when they’re designed and realized from the depths of the soul and with all our heart, as that is the only thing that counts as a sincere emotion with which we do it.

Just the fact that our little token of attention will delight someone and make their day more complete and better creates satisfaction in ourselves. It forces us to make as much effort as possible so that every detail of our wonderful gesture is thought out to perfection. It also shows that there really is no greater happiness than putting a smile on someone’s face, especially if it’s someone close.

A couple of nice and warm words, as well as good and well-intentioned advice, are priceless. It’s extremely clear how much this kind of moral boost might mean to people who give in or need the motivation to move on in life or continue to move towards a set goal. All this with an appropriate gift and much good mood might truly enlighten someone’s life and bless it like nothing else. It’s up to you to consider whether these reasons listed above are enough to immediately put words into action and make memorable moments for someone from a very ordinary day.