Business schema markup is an emerging trend that significantly impacts SEO. If you are running a local business or want to establish your company presence in a certain locality, you should consider this approach due to its advantages. To reveal and explain the benefits of local business schema, seo agency Chicago has made this article hopefully, encourage you to implement this approach into your SEO strategy.

What is local business schema?


Before going deep into the benefits of applying local business schema, we should first explain and define what schema markup is. Schema markup is structured data in a form of code, known as semantic vocabulary. Google has defined the term structured data as a standardized format that provides information about the page and classifieds the page content.

Schema markup is an SEO element that helps search engines to generate information about your business and helps them understand what your website and its pages are about. Additionally, it helps your website better rank on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

This code should be added to the webpage HTML to provide SERP information about your pages and their sections which will be based on gathered data, create a description that will appear in users’ search results, and provide them better-targeted results.

There are a few types of scheme markups, each looking different in the searches. However, today we shall focus on Local business markup. This markup considers a particular business’s physical location nearest the location of the searcher. Location business markup will provide searchers the information about the specific location address and its position on a map, opening and closing hours, contact number, and option to make a direct call.

Why do you need schema markup?


Besides the Google Business Account, the next most important thing to establish for successful local SEO is schema markup.

Schema markup should be integrated into both global and local SEO strategies as the advantages of this feature provides great benefits making the local business schemes a must-have for all companies in 2024. Those benefits are:

1. Provide a search engine understanding of your website

Schema markup provides search engines with a clear idea about your page content whether that is an event, displaying location and time, or an article by providing the information about the content. A search engine will show the emphasized information consequently leading to improved click-through rates. Thus, structured data will help search engine crawlers to understand your landing page. Good structuring of schema markup can even be awarded by Google with bigger and better advertising.

2. Rich results

Rich results, aka rich snippets, provide extra information about your business in search results beyond the standard blue URL, title tag, and additional meta description.

Rich snippets that appear in search results can contain meta titles, business ratings, reviews, CTAs, and even images. However, to qualify for these benefits, you have to implement schema markup on the website.

3. Ensures high-quality user experience

Schema markup helps in providing a good user experience from the moment your business appears in a SERP. Therefore, providing sufficient and informative material in search results will enhance user experience and positive impression on potential customers. e, as schema markup provides a chance to buy the product directly from search results, it encourages customers to make quick purchases and shortcuts to find what they are looking for, needlessly clicking on the website.

Additionally, if your business has several physical locations in the same or different areas, it`s important to set schema markup for each location, which will provide customers with the option to determine which location suits them better.

4. Brings high-quality traffic

Mare traffic is not enough for business success as the meaningful traffic that brings conversion. Schema markups ensure that driven traffic is genuine and high in quality, bringing more conversions and increasing click-through rates.

5. Enhance brand presents

Schema markup can improve your brand’s visibility by helping you in creating strong knowledge graphs. A knowledge graph is a summary of your brand and business’s important information needed for your customers. This feature is accessible on the right side of Google desktop searches and in mobile searches at the center, notably improving your business presence and visibility.

6. Provides an option to make a deal directly from SERP


Schema markup provides a great advantage over the standard search result appearance, an option to sell the product directly from the SERP. Additionally, implementing CTA buttons will shortcut customers’ way of purchasing the products and encourage them to buy immediately.

Final Thoughts

Besides all the beneficial properties of local SEO business schema, we can say that there are no cons that can drawback you from implementing this structure. Unlike most SEO strategies that demand a lot of effort and finance, this part of local SEO requires minimum time, work, and no costs while greatly donating to your local business.