According to the news source, by the end of 2024, mobile devices will account for 72.9 percent of eCommerce sales. Mobile apps have caused a digital transition altogether. However, many factors come into play when individuals decide to build an app for their artwork, business, or simply for fun. While doing so, one of the most critical elements is either developing the program or hiring a developer. You can hire a mediocre-level developer or an expert.

The key is to recognize that the more complex your mobile application is, the more money you’ll spend on it. So, the level of complexity or simplicity does not guarantee success, but the unique idea does. However, wouldn’t it be more convenient and cost-effective if, rather than engaging a developer to handle the entire process of mobile platform creation, you could deal with the whole procedure yourself without having to wade through lines and lines of code?


Fortunately, with today’s fast-expanding technology, it is feasible to have a significant presence during the process of developing your mobile platform without a prior understanding of coding. Therefore, if you are not an expert in the technical field and are not interested in learning an entirely new language of codes, no-code is for you. Mobile Application Development Platforms may be your savior without putting a dent in your wallet or requiring hours of labor. Consider the top three platforms that can assist you in this endeavor.


It is one of the top app builders as it provides services ranging from custom development to no-code application development. Design the software and test the market. The Artificial Intelligence feature allows you to pick and choose from several sample designs and features. puts out your idea with prospective clients six times faster at a 70% savings.

It provides custom solutions for different SMEs- one can go online in two weeks. They are efficient when it comes to service delivery and performance. equips businesses with tools that enable them to foster innovation independently without needing to outsource services. It helps you with monetization methods as well.

2. Andromo


Another option is for you to create an app in Andromo too. Not only is it possible to build an app on this platform, but you can also monetize it. It is an Android-only app-building platform with a slick interface that enables users to create personal or commercial apps in a matter of clicks. Suppose you’re a musician or artist trying to build an application for your work or a trip photographer wishing to share your portfolio.

In that case, Andromo has all the necessary tools on hand to assist you in getting started without wearing out your fingers with lengthy code writing sessions. While you can monetize your platform on Andromo via its user-built advertising network is a benefit, it is not the only one. Platforms built on the Andromo Platform are written entirely in Android code. It means that once a solid basis for your option is in place, it is ready for publishing on the Google Play Store without causing compatibility issues with the Play Store platform.

3. Adalo

How appealing is the idea of developing an app without writing a single line of code? Isn’t that quite comfortable? Adalo is a building platform that allows you to choose from various exciting designs and get started in a matter of minutes. Drag-and-drop customization does not need users to improve their coding skills; instead, they can use this feature to put their creative abilities to work. With the assistance of such simple-to-grasp components, you may complete the process without putting in more effort or requiring further assistance.

A unique feature that Adalo offers is that if you’ve already started building your app and have an API, Adalo will integrate with it. This fantastic alternative may have your software ready for both the Android and iOS markets in nearly no time. Utilize spreadsheets and databases to select components from the platform.

Pros and Cons of Using an App Builder


It is important to keep pace with your competition, and you can expect that most of them are already using this option for better communication with potential clients. Introducing an app can be a complex process since it requires skills and knowledge in coding or spending a lot of money on developers. On the other side, an app builder can help those with limited funds and skills to create a proper one. The main advantage is the fact that you don’t need any advanced coding skills.

Also, it will help you to save a lot of money, and that can go up to 100% when compared to the price of developers. Besides that, the system allows you to activate the platform in only a couple of days. These software-builders are offering already created solutions that you can combine. There is a wide selection of presets and samples. Also, support is always available to help the clients with various difficulties.


On the other side, you should know that there are some potential downsides of this option as well. First of all, you are limited to the number of templates that are already introduced in the builder. There is no way to add some unique features to improve the design or technical properties. This is similar to Shopify and several other e-commerce platforms that provide websites.

Moreover, you are not the owner of the software, and there is no way to demand some crucial changes to it. Also, the company behind this service has an option to delete your account if you break some regulations. The price is not fixed as well, and you could face higher expenses if you want additional changes, or there is a significant raise in activity on your mobile platform.


In that matter, you should learn more about the features that this solution can provide and compare it to the standard option where you will create it from scratch. One of the main reasons why people are going for builders is the simplicity of the whole process. Also, it requires less time, which can be important when you want to introduce a new online store.

Choosing this option will help you to focus on some other things related to your business. In some cases, there is no need to have an advanced platform, especially if you want a simple option where clients can easily find what they need. It can be a great solution for testing some of your products and checking how potential clients will react to them.

The Bottom Line

Since app builders are a convenient and efficient platform for online enterprises, they are a top choice for most virtual SMEs. With the expansion of online stores in recent years and increased demand for online shopping, it became necessary for business owners to find the right solution for presenting themselves on the online market.

There are different strategies that you can choose, like a website store, social networks, and more. Still, the mobile platform can help you to improve the status of your brand and secure a better positioning on the market.