We are living in a world of technology where nothing is impossible but still, we talk about the death caused by the consumption of contaminated or polluted water. It is one of the essential solvents which is necessary to living alive because it is beneficial for the removal of the body’s waste or toxic material, proper digestion, improves brain functions and many other bodies’ activities.

Thus, maintaining appropriate hydration levels inside your body is essential for living healthy but due to the high level of pollution getting healthy and pure water for drinking purposes is nearly impossible until it is treated with the various kinds of the purification system.

A water treatment system is a heavy machine that eliminated all kinds of impurities present in your regularly used drinking water. It is a natural solvent that can dissolve almost everything in it; thus, it becomes the primary source of the contamination or microbes therefore entirely not suitable for drinking purposes.

The consumption of contaminated drinking water causes various kinds of diseases in you, which can be fatal. But a filtration system can help you to get healthy and purest water.

Different Kinds Of Purification System


There are various techniques which are used for this purpose, here we have listed some of the most common technologies which are showing their dominance in this field.

– Reverse osmosis (RO)

– Ultraviolet (UV)

– Ultra-Filtration (UF)

Reverse Osmosis


The reverse osmosis technology is opposite to the pure osmosis. In this technology, water is allowed to pass through the semipermeable membrane against the concentration gradient under the presence of some external force.

It is one of the widely used techniques in this field. The RO filtration system can eliminate all kinds of dissolved impurities along with the microbial contamination. These kinds of filtration systems are suitable for that area where the dissolved contamination level is very high.

Ultraviolet Rays


In this technology, water gets free from microbial contamination. The UV rays kill or suspend the growth of the microbes present in the drinking water. Ultraviolet rays mainly damage the DNA of the bacteria thus your drink gets free for microbial contamination.

This form of purification system only removes the bacterial contamination and don’t deal with the dissolve contamination; therefore, the UV filtration system is only suitable for those areas where the bacterial concentration is more than the dissolved contamination.

Ultra-Filtration (UF)


This technology is also used for the elimination of the dissolved impurities from the water. The UF system eliminates larger molecules as compared to the RO filtration system. This technology comes in combination with the RO and UV to increase the life of this filtration system.

Which One Is Best For Healthy Water

Although all of the above-listed filtration systems are best and deliver the 100% pure and healthy water, according to the RoCareIndia the filtration which is based on the RO+UV+UF technology is the best among all because this system apply extra punch to the impurities thus the change of presence of contamination is very less in treated water.