Krakow is one of Europe’s most visited cities for its culture, history and wonderous sights but also a wide range of fun activities for all age groups.

Magical Krakow caters to families, couples, Stag and Hen groups, corporate outings, and many other attractions whether they are of an international profile or locally celebrated, basically, something for everyone. So, the best advice is to plan your visit and if possible book or reserve beforehand the places or activities that interest you.

The nightlife in Krakow is top-notch entertainment, but what can you do during the day? Here are some suggestions to consider to make your day a fun day.

For Krakow Stag or Hen Do groups and adventurous visitors the fantastic White Water Rafting event under the summer sun of Krakow.

The Olympic standard course can be booked for a 1 hour or 2-hour session with instructors and all equipment provided on site. Running the rapids is such a thrill and the WWR is often used by corporate companies for team building experiences.

You can pre-book via a dedicated activity company such as PartyKrakow based in Krakow itself to spend a most exhilarating hour or two of shooting the white water rapids with your friends.


1. Shooting Range

Sticking with excitement-loaded activities the AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting Range gives you a chance to show off your marksman skills by firing live ammunition from up to 7 different weapons that include the famous Russian AK-47, James Bond’s Walther PPK pistol, and the gangster movie favorite the pump-action shotgun.

Instructors are on hand to advise you and you get to take home your target scorecards.

2. Bubble Footie

On a more light-hearted but active afternoon activity would be the hilarious and fun-provoking Bubble Footie, there you are challenging for the ball but in a huge inflated plastic transparent bubble, the result of the collisions with opposing players can produce moments of great mirth and even a good belly laugh.

3. Tag Archery

In the same vein of high jinks and frivolity is Tag Archery, this brilliant outdoor cat & mouse game brings a lot of laughs. 2 teams that hide behind inflated defender pillars shoot soft-tipped arrows to eliminate each other.

However, they have to collect arrows in the open without protection, so, a sort of dodgeball tactic is required with tactical cover fire to survive.

4. Vistula River Cruise

If you prefer something more leisurely, especially if you are a Stag or Hen group still recovering from the night before, then a Vistula River Cruise is spot on, and you can order lunch on board whilst relaxing and taking in the sights.

The cultural aspects of Krakow are plentiful, this Medieval city and its history is on display in Rynek Glowny, Europe’s largest square that was a major trader of silk and textiles, hence, its name in English as the Draper’s Square.

5. Sukiennice

Visit the Cloth Hall or Sukiennice, St. Mary’s Basilica or Kościół Mariacki and the old Town Hall or Ratusz the square is a hive of activity 365 days a year with exhibitions, festivals and concerts. Look out for the giant Eros Bandato bronze sculpted head which provides an excellent opportunity to take some selfies while leaning out of Eros’s eye. Krakow’s beautiful Horse & Carriage Sightseeing tours are available from the main square.

These decorated horse driven carriages will take you to all the top tourist attractions or you can book an Electric Buggy Tour to see Krakow’s main city centre places of interest.

Also, the square gives access to the Krakow Underground Museum. A state of the art museum and exhibition centre that depicts Krakow’s sometimes turbulent history along with more pleasant features of how daily life in the past functioned.

Some unusual sights are The Loaf, which is a boulder of lead weighing almost 700Kg, and the 11th century burial chamber are among the top choices. These city tours will also go on the Royal Route which starts at St. Florian’s Gate leading to the Royal Wawel Castle on top of Wawel Hill and the folklore Legend of the Wawel Dragon which terrorized Krakow and its inhabitants.


6. Auschwitz/Birkenau

The Old Town is close to Krakow’s other highly frequented area Kazimierz or Jewish quarter. Kazimierz dates back to 1535 and is rich in history. If you wish to know more about the Holocaust and Nazi occupation of Krakow you can visit Schindler’s Factory now a museum and organise a visit to the Memorial World Heritage Site Auschwitz/Birkenau Nazi Concentration Camps just outside Krakow.

Auschwitz/Birkenau and is a stark reminder of the horrific crimes committed there for all humanity to reflect upon. Another exceptional attraction on the outskirts of Krakow is the Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour. Salt was an important commodity in times gone by and the salt mine visit is a magnificent way to learn about it. The highlight of the tour is St. Kinga’s Chapel, this superb underground hall displays works of art all sculpted or carved completely in or of salt. You can also become a miner for the day by opting for the special tour dressed as a miner and be taken to privileged areas up to 135m below ground.

The above-mentioned activities and attractions are only a sample of what Krakow has to offer millions of visitors every year. Krakow has twice won the Best Destination for International Culinary Award, fine dining, and not only haute cuisine, go find the international Food Truck Parks that offer menus and recipes from all over the world as well as some excellent traditional Polish delicacies. Krakow is a thriving cultural and fun city day or night, whatever your occasion or reason to visit.