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Varicose veins have become one of the most common vascular health disorders these days. The condition arises when the walls and valves of the veins are not in a healthy functional state. The valves of the veins are responsible to ensure the blood flow in one direction and prevent its backflow. So, when these valves get damaged, the blood pools inside the veins, and the veins bulge out through the skin surface. These bulging veins mostly occur in the legs and mark the painful condition of varicose veins. The major reason behind varicose veins appearing on the legs is the constant pressure on the veins of the lower body. That is why most pregnant women also face this problem.

Other symptoms such as itching, burning sensation, heaviness in the legs, and discoloration of the skin may also accompany varicose veins.

Why is it necessary to get treatment for varicose veins?

It is understandable that it is not just an aesthetic concern but rather a serious medical issue that needs proper attention and care. A person who leaves the condition untreated and waits for it to resolve on its own may have to face serious complications. Complications that arise due to prolonged varicose veins are blood clots, bursting of veins, sores, venous ulcers, etc.
Thus, receiving effective medical treatment is the key to getting rid of varicose veins and their pesky symptoms.

Laser treatment is the safest option for varicose veins

Now that you know that it is important to get timely treatment for varicose veins, it is equally crucial to make the right choice of the treatment. Yes, there are numerous treatments available for varicose veins, but laser treatment is the most preferred these days due to its non invasive nature.

Here are the advantages of opting for laser treatment for varicose veins

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  • Painless Procedure- Laser treatment for varicose veins is an absolutely painless procedure. No needles are used, no bleeding and you won’t feel even a hint of pain during the entire procedure.
  • No cuts or stitches required- Laser varicose veins treatment is an absolutely non-invasive procedure. The surgeon does not make any cuts or incisions on the body and thus no stitches or sutures are required. There are no scars left and thus it restores the aesthetics of the legs without any troubles.
  • Fast procedure with no requirement of hospital stay- The procedure of laser varicose vein treatment takes up only about 15 minutes. It is performed on an outpatient/daycare basis which means you can return home on the same day and do not need to stay in the hospital at all.
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  • More effective than other nonsurgical treatments (medications and therapies)- Laser treatment is the most effective and most reliable treatment for varicose veins at the moment. Unlike medications and other therapies, laser treatment does not just provide symptomatic relief. It shuts off blood supply through the damaged veins and thus eradicates the problem completely.
  • No discomforts after the procedure- After the surgery, you won’t have to endure any pain, swelling or any other discomforts. Your doctor will recommend staying away from strenuous and vigorous exercises and with just a few precautions, you’ll recover without any problems.
  • 100% safe and successful- Since laser treatment does not involve any cuts or incisions, there is no risk of intraoperative or postoperative infections or complications. The treatment is absolutely safe and you won’t have to worry about anything.
  • High success rate- Laser treatment for varicose veins has a success rate as high as 100 percent. This means that it cures the problem completely and there are nil chances of recurrence of varicose veins.
  • Speedy recovery- Laser treatment offers a very quick and smooth recovery. You can go back to your routine life within a couple of days and you will recover completely in less than a week.

All these benefits make laser varicose veins treatment in Delhi the best option for its people since it would be very convenient for them to get treated for their problem. Due to these advantages, many vascular surgeons and hospitals now offer the modern laser treatment for varicose veins.

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Take Away

After reading all about the laser treatment for varicose veins, your queries regarding the best choice of treatment must have resolved. So do not endure the pain and troubles of varicose veins any further. Prioritize your health, get in touch with a specialist and undergo proper and timely treatment to live a happy and healthy life.