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Gaming is extremely fun, and since there are so many popular video games out there, chances are that we are able to find something for us no matter what kind of a taste we have.

In the world of video games, there are so many different genres that offer many different playstyles and experiences, which means that if you look hard enough, you will definitely be able to find the right game for you, and stick to playing it until you completely master it.

However, if you tend to choose a game that has more of a competitive spirit, chances are that you will be facing many other players that want to become exceptionally good at it as well, so mastering it and becoming the best won’t be as easy as you thought.

Today, some of the most popular video games all have their own pro-scene, and they are played at a highly competitive level, most of the times with a prize pool that is offered to the winning team as a reward. If you are wondering which games fall into this category, we’re going to make a shortlist and a brief description for each game so that you get a better understanding of what we’re talking about.

1League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite and Heroes of the Storm


All of these games fall under the category of MOBA games, and they are also referred to as “strategic” games in which the goal is to outsmart your opponent and with the combination of individual skill and team play, to conquer their throne. Each “round” in these games is played as a totally new game, with new hero picks, etc.

2Fortnite, PUBG and APEX Legends


All three of these games are called “battle royale” games, and they all put you at a scenario where you’re landing from a flagship or a plane into an island filled with weapons which you have to find for yourself and then battle your opponents until you’re the last one left.

3Hearthstone and WoW


The first one is a card game, the second one is the most popular MMORPG game in the entire world. They are both made by Blizzard Entertainment, so we decided to put them in the same category, even if they’re not the same genre.

These two games are highly competitive, just as all of the previously mentioned ones, and in order to progress in them, you need to be very dedicated to training and improving your skill. However, sometimes slight help can be offered, so if you happen to be struggling a lot, feel free to consider getting a boost – you can go to Pirate Bay Service.

All of the video games that we mentioned in this article are played by millions of unique players monthly, which is a number that’s large enough to let you know that your competition will be unusually high, especially if you really want to make it to the pro scene.


Our recommendation is to train hard and play every day if you are absolutely dedicated to becoming the very best in one of these games. We wish you good luck and hope to see you on the battlefields. GL&HF!